UW depth chart vs. Texas

Not a lot of surprises here, and very similar to what I predicted on Sunday.

A little surprised redshirt freshman Zack Berg is the starter at SAM linebacker, and same with redshirt freshman Jake Jones at right guard. Expected both to play a lot in the opener Saturday at No. 15 Texas, and expect to see their backups as well.

The depth chart will be listed below, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Some other quick news and notes:

–Senior middle linebacker Oliver Schober is out this week with an injury. He’s the most notable player out this week. Junior Devyn Harris is the starter.

–Team will go with all white uniforms this week.

–17 players listed on the two-deep roster could see their first-ever playing time for UW Saturday.

–The top two running backs are junior Brandon  Miller and true freshman Shaun Wick. Third in true freshman D.J. May, followed by sophomore Kody Sutton. Coach Dave Christensen said all four running backs will make the trip to Texas.

See Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and go online to wyosports.net, for more on UW football. There’s also a story from a Texas angle, and I caught up with UW men’s basketball coach Larry Shyatt to talk about the team’s exhibition trip to Canada … as well as some other news and notes.


Monday, August 27

vs. Texas


QB—Brett Smith, So., 6-3, 195; Colby Kirkegaard, Jr., 6-3, 205

RB—Brandon Miller, Jr., 6-0, 193; Shaun Wick, Fr., 5-10, 190

WR—Dominic Rufran, So., 6-0, 185; Justin Berger, So., 6-2, 205

WR—Robert Herron, Jr., 5-10, 187; Keenan Montgomery, So., 6-1, 180

WR—Chris McNeill, Sr., 6-1, 180; Jalen Claiborne, So., 5-9, 175

WR—Trey Norman, So., 6-1, 170; Spencer Bruce, Jr., 6-5, 225

H-Back—Riley Lange, So., 6-3, 247; J.J. Quinlan, Jr., 6-1, 238

LT—Josh Leonard, Sr., 6-4, 296; Austin Traphegan, RFr, 6-5, 291

LG—Tyler Strong, Jr., 6-3, 292; Chase Roullier, Fr., 6-4, 290

C—Nick Carlson, Sr., 6-4, 292; Rafe Kiely, RFr., 6-3, 290

RG—Jake Jones, RFr., 6-3, 295; Zach Rushing, Sr., 6-3, 295

RT—Kyle Magnuson, Sr., 6-6, 300; Connor Rains, Jr., 6-7, 305


LDE—Miraldo Michel, Sr., 6-3, 265; Eddie Yarbrough, RFr., 6-3, 253

LDT—Mike Purcell, Sr., 6-3, 303; B.J. Sumter, Sr., 6-1, 305

RDT—Kurt Taufa’asau, Sr., 6-2, 284; Patrick Mertens, Jr., 6-5, 287

RDE—Sonny Puletasi, So., 6-3, 241; Justin Bernthaler, Jr., 6-2, 245

WLB—Korey Jones, Sr., 6-2, 235; Alex Borgs, So., 6-2, 231

MLB—Devyn Harris, Jr., 6-3, 225; Siaso Hala’api’api, Fr., 6-2, 225

SLB—Zack Berg, RFr., 6-2, 226; Ghaali Muhammad, Sr., 6-0, 225

CB—Blair Burns, So., 5-10, 180; DeAndre Jones, So., 6-0, 180

CB—Marqueston Huff, Jr., 6-0, 195; Darrenn White, So., 6-0, 184

FS—Luke Ruff, Sr., 5-11, 200; Kenny Browder, Sr., 5-11, 180

SS—Mark Nzeocha, So., 6-3, 220; Luke Anderson, Sr., 5-10, 195


K—Stuart Williams, So., 5-11, 180; Justin Martin, Fr., 5-10, 170

P—Tim Gleeson, Fr., 6-2, 195; Stuart Williams, So., 5-11, 180

KR—Robert Herron, Jr., 5-10, 187; Shaun Wick, Fr., 5-10, 190

PR—Blair Burns, So., 5-10, 180; Jalen Claiborne, So., 5-9, 175

H—Chris McNeill, Sr., 6-1, 180; Josh Smith, So., 6-3, 209

LS—Zach Ewan, So., 5-9, 216; Mason Finnerty, Fr., 6-0, 185



12 thoughts on “UW depth chart vs. Texas

  1. I’m excited to see so many Fr. and So playing, but also disappointing that we do not have as many veteran players that match up to these guys physically it seems? This looks great going forward a few years, but I would like to see some real success this year. A lot of good and some bad here I guess.

    • No matter what happens in this game, it’s a long season. One game won’t define or determine what happens over the next 11. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint. That’s how I look at it.


      • I guess the long and short of it is that the coaching staff is recruiting higher caliber players than in previous years, and these guys are having a chance to play sooner. I just keep remembering that game in… 1998 I think? Texas A&M was the first game of a promising season, and some awful number of starters were all hurt that first game and out for the majority of the season. Happily, it looks like the conditioning of the current group is such that injuries like were received in that game are more unlikely to happen.

        • It was 2000,.Koening’s first year and they played at Auburn the week before. It was like a MASH unit in that locker room. Bit that’s football.and injiries can happen any time. Hope this game isn’t like that.


  2. what ever happened to Matt Birkeness? (sorry if I misspelled it). He was an H-back last year right? Seems like he kinda just disappeared. Thanks RP.

  3. How much if any will Sewell and Nico play? Do you think that all 4 running backs will get carries? Will Thompson be redshirted if possible?

    • They may play some but they are still.learning. They likely will.play later. Miller, Wick and May will play this week but Sutton is making the trip. I think Thompson travels to all the games but ideally he redshirts.


  4. What about Shober? I expected him to be a starter and a real anchor. Is he healthy? Will he contribute this year?

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