Christensen not happy with practice

Wyoming football coach Dave Christensen didn’t pull any punches when I asked him how the first practice of game week leading up to Saturday’s game at No. 15 Texas went Tuesday.

“It was probably the worst practice we’ve had all fall (camp),” he said. “We have a lot of work to get to get done the next two days. We have to practice much better than that.

“I’m not one to make excuses. It sucked, and it’s on them to get better by (today).”

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the big practice days for UW for Saturday games. Friday, obviously, is a travel day, this week.

Christensen also said the eight receivers listed on the two-deep roster Monday will play Saturday, and it isn’t likely any others will. The starters are sophomore Dominic Rufran, junior Robert Herron, senior Chris McNeill and sophomore Trey Norman. The backups are sophomores Justin Berger, Keenan Montgomery and Jalen Claiborne, and junior Spencer Bruce.

Christensen said sophomore kicker Daniel Sullivan, who arrived late at fall camp due to an illness, will redshirt this season. Sophomore Stuart Williams will handle the extra points, field goals and kickoffs at Texas.

Scouts from the Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers were at Tuesday’s practice.

See Wednesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for a story on what playing in the state of Texas and against the Longhorns means to UW, its players. … and possibly its recruiting ties. Will have lots of video interviews on and this blog.

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4 thoughts on “Christensen not happy with practice

    • No word yet. Still lots of time to get ready. All of them worked with the scout team today from what I saw.


  1. Robert,

    Can you shed a little light into the tunnel of Christensen’s comments. “It sucked”, well ok- but what does that mean. I can’t see us with a physical practice any day on game week in anticipation of a Texas date on Saturday.
    Installing the game plan, isn’t that normally the process on a week with a top 15 program? Fall camp is for the physical side of football, yet I’d like to know what this means. Lack of execution, mental focus, lining up in the neutral zone, yea that would suck but that is in the classroom where this happens. Give us fans an idea what the heck is going on. Or is the pregame banter part of the political side of game week with the Longhorns. Hoping for a decent performance for our Cowboys and don’t want us sucking too bad with a huge game like this on the horizon.

    • Having not seen the practice hard to shed much more light. I know DC wanted a physical practice but not sure what that means in terms of hitting without aeeing it. He wouldn’t elaborate why it was bad. Maybe it was to light a fire under his guys. But he also isn’t a guy to play games and speaks his mind.

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