UW media Monday wrap

The big news, or biggest topic everyone wants to know about hasn’t changed. Sophomore starting quarterback Brett Smith is still doubtful for Saturday’s game at Idaho after his head injury against Toledo on Sept. 8. Junior Colby Kirkegaard is listed as the starter, followed by true freshman Jason Thompson and then Smith.

However, coach Dave Christensen said there’s a possibility that all three could play, and that he won’t name a starter until game time Saturday at Idaho, which is 3 p.m.

So, Smith-Watch 2012 will continue for at least another week.

Want to know how Kirkegaard graded out on film after his first start of his career last week against Cal Poly, see Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, or long on to wyosports.net.

Other notes from Monday:

–Junior receiver Robert Herron, junior running back Brandon Miller and senior defensive end Miraldo Michel are doubtful for this week. Miller and Michel were hurt last week against Cal Poly. Herron ┬áhasn’t played since his five-catch, 173-yard, two-touchdown game in the opener at Texas.

–Miller is still listed as the No. 2 running back behind true freshman Shaun Wick. True freshman D.J. May is third. What about sophomore Kody Sutton? He might get in the mix this week. See Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang for more on that.

–Redshirt freshman Eddie Yarbrough is listed as a starter at one of the two defensive end spots, ahead of Michel.

–Senior defensive tackle Kurt Taufa’asau is back at defensive tackle, but listed as a backup behind junior Patrick Mertens.

–Seniors Luke Anderson and Luke Ruff are slated to start at both safety spots this week. Senior Kenny Browder OR sophomore Mark Nzeocha (who has out the last two weeks) are Ruff’s backups.

–Junior cornerback Marqueston Huff is listed back as a starter at one of the two cornerback spots. Sophomore DeAndre Jones started for Huff last week. Christensen competition will for starting jobs and playing time will continue this week.

–Christensen said UW is two plays from being a 2-1 team instead of a 0-3 squad. Can you name those plays? Christensen didn’t name them specifically and I don’t dispute his claim. Would like to know what you think those two plays are.

–Christensen on the state of the team after an 0-3 start: “When the ship starts taking on a little water, the rats go to the surface; they get on top of the deck. There’s no rats on top of this deck. They’re in it for the long haul. They’re vested. They’re angry right now. They are more determined than ever. They want to win as bad as I want to win.”

–Two players are no longer with the team. Junior backup receiver T.J. Smith was dismissed for a violation of team rules. He was suspended for the start of the season for the same reasons. He hadn’t caught a pass yet this season. Senior offensive guard Zach Rushing decided to walk away from football, but is still in school. He was hurt prior to last week’s game with Cal Poly and didn’t play. I was told him leaving was not injury-related or a disciplinary issue. Rushing played in the opener at Texas, but played in all 13 games last year and started four times.

For more UW-Idaho coverage, see Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and go to wyosports.net.

10 thoughts on “UW media Monday wrap

  1. I guess one of those two plays is the play where we gave up 130 yards on the same exact play to open the game against Poly. Oh wait that’s two plays already.

  2. After some consideration I do think that the coaches led this team into a perfect storm against cal poly. Losing Brett Smith, 3 defensive starters gone, Herron still injured and losing a close one against toledo meant this team was ripe for an upset if the cal poly coaches came up with a good game plan and motivated team. Well they did just that!
    So DC says the team is mad and angry that they will keep pushing, thats great however that wasnt the mood during the game. The idaho game is a must win and then every game is the biggest game of the season. There is no excuse anymore for being out coached given the staff on hand. Cal poly tried a different scheme and it caught us off gaurd? Sorry not acceptable.
    Again I’ll say it once more the losses to toledo and texas were not that surprising but cal poly is just too unbelievable so is it just that simple? A really bad day, missing key players, and not anticipating what the other team might do? Good god I hope so!

  3. It’s put up or shut up against the mighty Vandals….I don’t care who we start at QB…if we lose this game the ship is taking on more water than Capt’n Dave thinks it is. Come on Pokes!

  4. I think the team or the Defense I guess….took Cal Poly for granted and got smacked in the mouth. Thats all you can say for the performance on the defense side. I feel they thought they were going to cruse past them all week. CalPoly being a sub division in all… again I still feel the coaches did not prepare the team for the game….I can’t understand not having Colby ready with him being in the system for two years….even being on the second team they should still run the same plays as the first team…..


  5. RG,
    I have read several replys on here and on GOWYOGO site as to how Dave runs the media and practices alike. Some are very upset both fans and media.. I live in SC and listen to both the Clemson and SC gamecock coaches on their habits.. I can tell you that they are just the same if not more isolated from the media until they do their coaches shows each week. I can tell you that Tenn, Georgia, Florida & all the others in the south do the excact same thing.. Not really sure why everyone is so bent out of shape with his procedures.. Now I’m not for the lack of information by any means but he really is not doing anything that the other 120 coaches in Div1 are doing….

    • I’m not bent out of shape about it. He does run things like most college football coaches. That’s fine by me.


  6. I was not talking about you specificly at all….. I just here a lot of complaining on other sites and just had to say something I guess… I get the feeling that Wyo fans think Dave is doing something on his own or individually with this and he is just like other coaches.. thks

  7. One of those plays is probably the dropped pick 6 Burns should have had against Toledo. Or maybe Wicks fumble that led to a TD (I think). The other could be the pick at the end of the game against Cal-Poly. Didn’t get to watch that one, so not too sure.

    How do you think the team is looking in preparation for this week? Are their heads up and practicing with some fire? They’ve got to get things right this week or we could be staring at a long conference season.

    • They don’t practice on Monday and media gets to watch the first 30 minutes of practice so it’s hard for me to form an opinion on how they look in their preparation. I do think from talking to players and coaches they are motivated to do what it takes to win a football game.


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