Statement from UW on suspension, fine for Christensen

Here is the statement from the University of Wyoming Monday on the one-week suspension and fine for football coach Dave Christensen:

University of Wyoming athletics director Tom Burman announced (Monday) that  football coach Dave Christensen has been suspended one week, effective immediately, and fined $50,000 for his actions following the Oct. 13 game vs. Air Force.

Assistant Head Coach Pete Kaligis has been named the interim head coach for this week.  Kaligis will coach the Cowboys in this Saturday’s home game against Boise State.

“After a long and difficult week of consideration, I believed it was in the best interest of the University and our Athletics Department to take this action,” said Burman.  “The reputation of our University and of our athletics programs is of the upmost importance.  Over the past week, I have reviewed the contract situation with our university legal department, I have spoken numerous times with President Buchanan and have consulted with other individuals in college athletics whom I respect.

“The other factor that was a very important consideration of mine was the well being of the young men in our football program.  I think it is important to send the right message to them in terms of taking responsibility for your actions.  This has been a difficult time for those young men.  We hope that our fans will show their support for the team this coming weekend.”

Burman addressed the media on Monday afternoon, and will have no further comment.

20 thoughts on “Statement from UW on suspension, fine for Christensen

  1. Slow on the draw Burman………..if you were going to suspend Christensen that should have been done a week ago. Don’t blame it on waiting for legal advise either.

  2. Wow… Has this ever happened before in any sport at WYO? I can’t think of any. I still think he made a mistake, people do, just hope Dave and team bounce back and make the best or what remains of this season.

  3. Has this ever happened at the College level ?

    Especially for saying a few bad words that are socially acceptable these days.

    • New Mexico had to deal with this with Locksley during his time there. … Burman told me he doesn’t recall anything like this ever happening with UW athletics.


  4. RG,

    Really, how hot is Christensen’s seat? And what is your assessment of the state of the program? Just curious.



    • I really don’t think it’s that hot. Just signed a new contract and Burman seems to really believe he has the right guy there. More outbursts like this can change that, as will more seasons. UW would be looking at a significant buyout and with more budget cuts coming and a reputation already of firing coaches with multiple years left on contracts (Glenn, Schroyer) I don’t see the seat that hot. Again, DC can’t do anything remotely like this again and the performance on the field has to be better.


  5. Ralph= Since when is using foul language ever been socially acceptable? If it is then boy has society slipped . A coach should never use foul language at his players or at other coaches. A real man never has to stoop to using bad language.

    • AJ, I don’t dispute what you’re saying about foul language, but if you’re ever on a sideline for a college or pro football game, you would be amazed what goes on in terms of language. Not condoning it, just telling you how it is. DC took that way too far after the AF game, no doubt. But if you think it’s all nice, polite and proper during a game among coaches and players then you’re sadly wrong.


  6. I just finished watching the you tube video of Dave Christensen lashing out at the Air Force coach. I had heard that it was bad but was shocked at how bad. Burman should have FIRED DC right then and there. If Burman does not have the guts to fire him then the President of the University should fire him. No coach should be allowed to scream and cuss at another coach or players. We do not need a coach representing Wyoming who acts like the biggest FOULED MOUTHED IDIOT in the world.

  7. You know I realize that there is alot of foul language being said during the games, I can read alot of lips on tv. But my point is DC should not have used it at a coach or players.

  8. Am I crazy or is the woman at the end of the video trying to get Christensen off the field calling him dad? Did DC have to get separated from Calhoun by his daughter?

      • Wow, to me that makes this whole ordeal even sadder. If my daughter ever has to separate me from fighting another man I’ll be ashamed beyond belief.

  9. AJ…………foul lnaguage and especially the f bomb is being used every where thee days. It is used on TV and in the movies all the time (about every third sentence). It seems foul language is just part of the English language anymore.

    Do I agree with it. No. In my younger days you had best hit your thumb pretty hard with a hammer to ever let that kind of language come out of your mouth.

  10. UW can’t fire DC…Burman hired him, and gave him 1.2 million a year and extended his contract to 2016. The question is… can UW continue to afford Burman’s bloopers. Keep DC as he does show up for the games and UW will have to pay his salary anyway. I think we have all been provoked somewhere in our life and got mad and emotional …give DC another chance. .

    ..Maybe Burman should get the pink slip

  11. I’m disappointed that DC let his emotions get the best of him. I know football is an emotional game and perhaps he had a point, but that was a terrible way to make that point. The university employs him to be a teacher, a leader, and an example – not a sore loser. That reaction was much more devastating than the final score.

    That said, I have great confidence in this coaching staff. They seem like good, decent people who are just trying to do their job. DC will bounce back. This team will bounce back. They’ve had some tough breaks this season, but they’re still fighting. They’ll fight back from this set back and be better for it.

    • It’s all been said.

      Now comes the doing. No statement could be more resounding than for the Cowboys to rise above this indiscretion, and beat Boise State. What I’m hearing from the Casper Tribune is that this situation is beyond repair. Not surprising from a beat writer that just completed his internship at Po-Dunk U,and represents a part of the state that despises the University and wishes that the President would can everyone remotely aligned with this viral moment of misery.

      Christensen screwed up, and having to be escorted from a fist fight to the Rochelle Facility is perhaps the most embarrasing feature of this episode. I have more than one episode in my life that I wish I would have handled better. Thank goodness U-Tube wasn’t there when those fringe moments occurred. Burman and Buchanan did a good thing, regardless of what the press may think and they can print whatever the hell they want to- I’m not buying it.

      Big Dave, the time has come for you to start appreciating the opportunity this University has afforded you. You are the highest paid public official in this sate. We have put our trust and confidence with you to take care of our beloved program, and the kids and staff that come with that territory. Take off the mask, be real and we will have your back. But, trust me if you continue with this charade of “tough Eddie” we will show you the gate. Get things moving in the right direction, thats what we’re hoping you do.

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