UW-Boise State postgame thoughts

It was a promising start for Wyoming.

But it was short lived as the Cowboys fell to No. 21 Boise State 45-14 Saturday at Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium.

I liked UW’s first two offensive possessions that gained 151 yards. I thought UW would try and run the ball since Boise State allowed only 158 passing yards per game. But the Cowboys spread them out kind of dinked-and-dunked the Broncos.

The blocked field goal after the first drive was a killer, but a touchdown on the second possession was big.

But that was about it for UW.

One yard on the next five possessions for the offense, and the defense allowed seven scores on nine possessions in the game.

You just can’t do things like that against a nationally-ranked team — or any team — and win.

There didn’t seem to be any lingering effects among the players from coach Dave Christensen being suspended and fined on Monday. It couldn’t have been easy, but the players seemed ready to play and nothing struck me differently about Christensen not being there.

UW’s just not good enough to beat or play with teams like Boise State this year.

Interim coach Pete Kaligis choked up talking about the offense’s fast start and not being able to sustain it. He didn’t like how he became the interim coach, but was gratful for the opportunity.

“To have the opportunity to lead the University of Wyoming and go out there and represent the state today was unreal to me,” he said. “It’s still an honor when I come in and coach (Sunday) and dong what we need to do to get a ‘W.’

Liked how QB Brett Smith hung tough throughout the day under a lot of pressure. His lost fumble in the game hurt, but he looked better than he did last week at Fresno State.

I also liked how junior Brandon Miller played at WR, about the second or third time it seems like he’s moved from RB to WR in his career. Miller led UW with six catches for 66 yards.

I really liked how senior linebackers Ghaali Muhammad and Korey Jones played, despite being in some mismatches at times in pass coverage. Also liked how sophomore safety Chad Reese played with an interception, five tackles and two pass break ups.

However, I didn’t like how the defense gave up 223 yards passing and 214 rushing. The coverage in the secondary once again seemed soft. Tackling wasn’t great, and at times awful. Special teams were horrible across the board.

I would have liked to see UW take a chance late with a throw into the end zone with 8 seconds to play in the first half after Reese’s interception he returned to the Boise State 49. Instead UW punted and the clock ran out. Why not take a shot there? Boise State did last year and it scored a TD. I will admit I didn’t ask Kaligis about that after the game, nor did anyone else.

Starting to sound like a broken record here after these losses. The close ones were tough, but now UW has lost two in a row by a combined 59 points to the top two teams in the conference. Losses are losses, but the blow outs to me are tougher to watch.

For more coverage, see Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and log on to www.wyosports.net.

23 thoughts on “UW-Boise State postgame thoughts

  1. This was the year that we were supposed to send BSU packing to the big east!? That was pitiful. We show some promise and then do one dumb play after another. The defense is worse than the last three years combined.
    If Wyoming doesn’t get the job done next week against CSU then I am at the point that we cut our losses with DC and the defensive coordinator. Brandon still stays; in fact why was he not the interim HC this week? Am I upset? Dang right, I am. There is no reason for Wyoming not to have reached .500 this year. Sure we have had bad luck but we have the facilities, the compensation for the top coaches is competitive… Laramie being a hard place to recruit to is an excuse especially to a HC that is making as much as he is. Chalk up another loss to a ranked team.
    Not acceptable….

  2. The University better listen to the fan base I have been around numerous fans and I would say 90% want a change. No one seems to think that it is a talent issue as much as a coaching issue. The spread has been solved and is not effective any longer and let’s be honest Tormey is just not going to get it done on the defensive side of the ball. If Dave wants to keep his job I think that Tormey needs to gone by the end of the week. Dave also needs to be adaptive and create an offense that can be run around the style of recruit he can bring into Wyoming maybe that is a fullback/tight end oriented offense I don’t know. The entire front range had better figure out what the heck is going on or CU CSU & WYO will all be looking at FCS schedules for football this is embarrassing

  3. I figured that Boise woud beat Wyo, so no surprise there. Brett Smith still does not seem his self. Of course no defense. To me it seemed like the team played with no emotion very lack luster performance. This team does not know what COWBOY TOUGH is. I doubt we win another game. But it would be nice to beat CSU. I know that it would cost alot to get rid of DC but with his performance after the Air Force game I think our recruitng efforts will be severely damaged., which will cost Wyo even more.

  4. What ever happened to squaring up, wrapping up, and taking someone off they’re feet? I watched Burns and Huff and others over and over again run by and try to grab the opponents arms resulting in missed tackles. I’d take three and outs over fumbles.

    • The poor tackling is a byproduct of the emphasis on stripping the ball I feel that along with that too much technique / scheme is being coached and not enough fundamental work. Offensively we get to creative just keep it simple and execute dont get cute.

  5. Biggest problem in this game is the Oline… I counted at least 3 time Leonard got knocked on his butt or just got beat by the DL. He was the one on the blocked FG when his guy ran right over him. The reason our Offense can’t stay on the field is because the Oline has failed to move anyone off the line or allows them to come right in off the snap. My gosh no one has a chance to throw the ball if you are running around 2 sec. from when the ball is snapped. Brett has to go with his first read in most cases instead of getting time to read the 2nd, 3rd or 4th man. At least give the WR some time to work the field and get open. No holes for the RB to run, they are hit at the first level in most cases they can’t even get to the second level. Then you can move to our D… Percell is a beast.. I would hate to see what this D was like or NOT like with out Mike…He is the only one that plays hard all game long, obvious with Mike leadding the league in tackles.

  6. Just got back from Laramie, what a disappointment again. Burns and Huff and the rest of those guys cannot play pass defense. I don’t know how many pass plays went for 10 plus yards. If the defense does not make some major changes they could very well not win another game. I will not attend another game this year for sure. Word is the Brown and Gold is really taking a hit financially because people are not excited about Cowboy Football and buying UW Products. Its beginning to take its toll and until someone gets with Burman and forces a change the fans will continue to walk away.

    • We have gone down that road under Vic and in basketball with Heath Wyoming athletics cannot afford to lose the small fan base for another extended period due to a failure to act in a timely manner by the university administration.

    • Add White to that list…………..every game I watch that guy stand flat footed and watch the runnner go by him, won’t even reach out to try and tackle someone.

      Disappointed again this week with no improvement to their game of football, let alone look competitive or get a win.

      Have never asked for a coaches job and I hate to say this but………..if the Pokes go anything less than 3 and 1 through the last four games……DC, the coaching staff and Burman should fall on the sword, resign and ask not to receive any by outs.

  7. After watching the game, Boise State looks so fundementally sound. On offense and defense they made things look so easy and simple. Our offense and defense seems to have a hard time doing anything correctly. I think it is obvious that Boise State has a much better coaching staff than we do. Our defense is not big enough and strong enough or fundementally sound. I am not optimistic about next year because I do not think our defense will be any better. If Burman persist on supporting DC and his poor excuse of a coaching staff then maybe it is time for Burman to hit the road along with DC.
    It would be nice if they can beat CSU in the Border War.

  8. Just a horrendous effort by Wyoming in all aspects of the game. Boise St could have named the score, and we have to be grateful it was not as ugly as it was in Eugene on Saturday, or Logan last season. All in all, Wyoming did not belong on the same field as the Broncos, and fortunately they never will have to be again. And thankfully the schedule gets much better as the 2012 version of the Bataan Death March is complete for the Cowboys after this brutal October ordeal. Wyoming will win next Saturday against a woeful CSU squad (what does that say about Hawaii, who Wyoming was extremely unlucky not to have on this year’s schedule); a likely road win against the Nevada-Las Vegas Rebels; a challenge in Albuquerque against the resurgent Lobos, a likely bowl participant in December, but a very winnable game; and the finale at home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving against some California boys that will wilt and break under the cold, wind, and snow certain to be present which will help Wyoming to the win over a more talented but weaker in character Aztecs squad. I will take 4-8 or 5-7 after all the heartbreaks and breakdowns in September and October. Anything less, and I expect the Burman Junta to drop the guillotine on the Christensen coaching team as this year would be nothing short of a devastating disappointment with a 2-10 or 3-9 season yet again. Any suggestions on who could be the next coach ? I do believe we need someone with successful coaching experience. Christensen came in with zero head coaching experience (Spokane Falls Community College back in the mid-’80s does not count), and that has hurt him in trying to get this program built. One local possibility: Gary Barnett, the former quite successful Colorado head coach. I believe he has the experience, wisdom, and character to right this sinking Wyoming program. There are many others, but that individual has to have some history and ties to the region here in the Rockies, Mountain states, and adjacent High Plains, We have seen far too many examples of bringing in an outsider from a place far too distant. Its been like a square peg trying to go into a circular hole, It just has not worked. We need a coaching staff that will have success and durability on a scale led by a man like Sonny Lubick, Ben Martin, Eddie Crowder, Fisher DeBerry, Chris Ault, and LaVell Edwards.

  9. Maybe Burma should give the $50,000 fine he charged Christensen to the Wounded Warriors. It would be a great PR move.

  10. How about Pat Hill? He is an oline pro coach but knows how to take a college team to new levels. I do not want to start over with coaches but geez I have not seen any thing that shows this team is improving, no backup qb ready to play , defense makes few adjustments. Offenaively though we have done enough to win games but then the defense slips…

  11. Here’s what I don’t understand watching us play defense. Watching these kids fundermentals,is where did they go. These kids were recruited out of high school the staff must of seen something good about the way they played. If they looked like this in high school nobody in even the J.C. Would of giving these kids a change to play. Somebody tell me why we’re so bad on defense,I’d like someone to shine some light on it for the future. Gigs if you see Tormey please give him my number and tell him to call me I’d like him to explain to me why where so bad on defense. I can’t stand to watch us play on defense. Where so soft. If we loose to csu Saturday ,the whole bunch needs to go at the end of the year,no excuse to loose at home Saturday to csu. None.

  12. Crazy to talk about getting rid of Dave. Look I’m not happy about where we are but to fire the coach now will put us back 9 more years. You will have kids leave, then the coach will not have time to recruit, he will say its tough to bring kids to Laramie .. etc…etc….etc… Look Dave is the right guy just needs to get this thing back on track…. I don’t want to sit back and wait another 6 years to start winning again…

  13. We need a long term plan if we are to remain D 1. The State must buy out Casper College. Start an extension school and slowly move the University out of Laramie. By 2025 we convert UW to an A&M College and “pokeville” is centralized. A world class Student Union will allow outstanding athletics, who hate studing, something to do all winter long. If this plan is not adopted before the end of this season we need to add the Governor to the list of who to fire (Coaches, Burman & President of the School–oops he is already leaving – Darn) I also think we need a new fan base. The present group of Laramie/Cheyenne fans isn’t “cowboy tough” They whine too much You don’t see the Casper “paper” fan base in total meltdown. A centralized location will build a new fan base of Northern Wyoming fans.. While were moving let us build Fred Aker’s indoor stadium. I think we will get big time schools willing to play at 5000 feet if they are indoors. Okay so that is a bit extreme so maybe we just see how the coach does next year! It allows him to regroup and it is one less year on the buy out if things go wrong! go Pokes!!

  14. Before anyone says, “it can’t get any worse,” might I remind you of the Vic Koenning era.

    That being said, it’s pretty bad right now.

    Please beat the Sheep.
    That’s the only thing now that’s salvageable to what looked to be a promising season back in the Summer.

  15. Calling for DCs head is a bit premature. I do believe that he really needs to take some time and reflect on his recent decisions concerning staffing and personal on-field performances, but I don’t believe that we should be looking for a wholesale house clearing of Wyoming football personnel. It is no secret that the UW defense has deteriorated to its current ineptitude since Mike Breske was let go when Joe Glenn was released. I am not sure if Dave Chistensen has it in him to admit when he is wrong, but it seems to me that this decision not to retain Breske has led us to these type of conversations. Dave C. is going to have to do some serious re-evaluation of his staff and make the right moves, regardless of his pride. Hell, I would love to see Vic Koenning back to take over the defense if it were possible.

    • In saying that we should get rid of DC bear with me that that is frustration zeeping through. But seeing what kind of coach DC is these suggestion that he changes (being more open, friendly, open to fans/press, do more recruiting locally, be more flexible in the offensive scheme , etc) in these ways is not insigificant. DC has a ton of work to do! As an ordinary albiet crazy devoted pokes fan, this process is sheer agony.
      I just hope the pokes finish the season 4-8 or 5-7. Then I can live with the fact that it was bad luck with a bit of issues with coaching.

  16. Here’s what I don’t get,who’s weighing and measuring our kids. We look small way to small in the linebackers,secondary. I’t doesn’t look like our kids grow much after they get here. We got linebackers that should play safety, safeties that should be corners. I remember this spring that J.J. Quinlan was one of the leading tackles this spring, what do they do make a H- back out of him,kids looks the part of a linebacker but no we put him on offense for maybe one play a game. Riley Lange another nice big kid no another H-Back. No size at linebacker ,I bet anybody Korey Jones isn’t close to 233, maybe 210, Christ sakes put him and Gahalli back at safety least they can make a tackle. How about blitzing more then one time a game. Why our corners play 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, he’ll anybody can pass on us anytime they want . Hell we make every Quarterback look like Peyton Manning , they all have the best day of the year against us.

  17. One question for the Poke faithful, what was the deal with Dana Dimel? I remember watching a gut wrenching loss to CU when CU always seemed to luck out with something. If I recall CU won on an amazing kick return where a flag was picked up and waived off… I thought his refusal to shake hands with the CU coach (McCartney?) at the end of the game was pretty funny…
    But didn’t Dimel have winning seasons? Did he just up and leave for another position or was he pretty much let go by UW? Not many recount his tenure with good feelings… Isn’t that when Vic K. came in and that started the demise of UW FB?

    • Dimel left UW for Houston and Vic, who was Dimel’s defensive coordinator, took over. Dimel had winning seasons all three years at UW


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