MW football power rankings

WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi rates all 10 Mountain West football and why. Look for his ratings on a weekly basis as the season continues.

1. Fresno State (8-3 overall, 6-1 MW): Remains a solid No. 1 this week after a 52-36 win at Nevada last week. Junior quarterback Derek Carr leads the league with 3,290 yards and 32 touchdowns. The defense has recorded at least one interception in nine straight games, and has forced the most turnovers in the league (30).

2. San Diego State (8-3, 6-1): The Aztecs remain ahead of Boise State this week based on their win in Boise and their impressive 28-9 home win over Air Force last week. Coach Rocky Long’s defense continues to improve, especially up front. San Diego State is off this week and ends the regular season at Wyoming next week.

3. Boise State (8-2, 5-1): The Broncos are still the only ranked team in the conference, and there’s not a big difference between the top three teams in the conference. The regular-season finale at Nevada could be tricky. Special teams and a lack of offensive production has the Broncos down a notch or two from the past.

4. Nevada (6-4, 3-3): The Wolf Pack has lost three straight, but the offense is still one of the best in the MW. The defense isn’t, unfortunately, but its three losses in conference play have been to teams above it in the league standings. This team is still dangerous, but it needs to win now.

5. Air Force (5-5, 4-2): The Falcons have lost two straight by a combined 39 points. Their hopes for a conference title were dashed at San Diego State last week. The team should win at home against Hawaii Friday, but ends the season the following week at Fresno State.

6. Wyoming (3-7, 2-4): The Cowboys have won two straight due largely to sophomore quarterback Brett Smith. He’s thrown eight touchdowns and no interceptions over that span. The defense continues to struggle, but UW has beaten teams at or below their level. They get a third chance at UNLV Saturday.

7. Colorado State (3-7, 2-4): Thanks to 17-degree weather the Rams rolled UNLV 33-11 last week. There are a lot of weaknesses with this team, but it seems to be coming to grips with new coach Jim McElwain’s way of doing things.

8. UNLV (2-9, 2-4): The Rebels moved down based on the CSU loss. They need redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Sherry to be healthy this week at home against Wyoming. He hit his head on the frozen turf at CSU. The Rebels also look to be on the rise. They have a pretty balanced offense and some promising youngsters on defense.

9. New Mexico (4-7, 1-4): Losers of four straight, the surprise team of the conference has come back to earth. First-year coach Bob Davie needs to restock the roster, especially on defense.

10. Hawaii (1-8, 1-6): The Rainbows haven’t beat a FBS team this season, and haven’t been competitive in any of their losses. Norm Chow has to be second-guessing his decision to take this job. No where to go but up from here, but it’s a long way up from the cellar.

4 thoughts on “MW football power rankings

  1. We have got to find answers on Defense. This program must stop the opponent in order to compete for MWC, personally I will be disappointed if Fresno wins the title, in its first year as a member of the conference. Not a lot of bright spots this year with the program, coaching or team.

  2. I for one wouldn’t mind Fresno taking the MWC their first year. I think it would be fitting for BSU to again fall short on their “climb” to the Big East… a proud, new member of the “Group of 5” rather than being a BCS conference. I wonder how that is going to affect their TV deal? I really do believe SDSU and BSU cut their own throat with that deal. If they had both stayed in the MWC, it would be a conference that could demand a much higher paycheck than what they are likely going to receive. Or I could be dreaming. Still, FB is getting a boost with the new members, and bball is going to be pretty impressive.

    Nice to see Wyoming pick up a few wins. Would be fantastic if they could get to 5 wins, but the odds are 1-1 in the next two games. Run D needs so much help…

    • I would preferr Fresno over BSU and SDSU………..we love to see them both leave with out winning the conference.

      Hope BSU and SDSU enjoy the Big East. Article on the Big East on ESPN Website and how they plan to set up their two divisions for next year then again in 2015 when Navy comes in plus unnamed 14th member. There will be a lot of travel.

      With the Big East unable to redo their contract with ESPN and are now in the open market for TV, it will be interesting to see how the money works out……….think they will be disappointed. Plus now they will not be a part of the BCS big money and are a member of the “Goup of Five” has to be disappointing as wel.

      If I remember it right……there were some “milestone” in terms of money……..if those “milestone were not reached BSU could walk at a cheaper price (don’t know if SDSU got that deal)………..It is my opion the BSU makes a move within three years out of the Big East.

      My thinking is BSU will break away and try to form it’s own Western conference. They will try to raid the MWC of it’s better teams along with SDSU and now BYU (since they are now on the outside looking in and they really need to be in a conference to get to the big bowls/money).

      Remember all the behind the back moves thee three schools have tried to pull off during all these changes.

  3. I wonder how SDSU and BSU can still justify their moves to the Big East.
    Chasing the money ghost and two years into a bad choice they could be on the outside looking in.
    I would actually propose that the Mwc goes after CU. CU is reeling from trying to rebuild in a difficult conference and their travel costs are out the roof. But bring them into the Mwc and they bring some notoriety. With CU AF CSU and UW within a couple hours could create some fun rivalries. Then really push SDSU And BSU to stay and the Mwc is at 12 quality members.
    Before I get flamed for saying this, believe me , I know it’s a pipe dream. CUs fan base wouldn’t condescend to being in the MWC. CU playing at the war? Forget about it. But they don’t have much to cheer for and won’t likely to for some time to come. Just think when you feel bad about Wyo season this year just think about CU and you’ll Perk up! Go Pokes!

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