UW-Colorado State postgame thoughts

One of the first plays of the game was indicative of how this game would go for Wyoming

After the Cowboys missed their first shot, Colorado State got the ball down low to senior center Colton Iverson, who made a strong move the basket and tried to dunk over UW senior forward Leonard Washington. Iverson missed the dunk, but he was fouled.

About two hours later, CSU beat UW 65-46 in a game where five CSU players scored in double figures compared to one for the Cowboys.

UW was outrebounded 42-28, outscored 20-5 at the free-throw line and had a season low three assists on 17 baskets.

CSU held Washington to nine points on 4-of-12 shooting. Sophomore forward Larry Nance Jr., had three points and attempted only two shots. CSU’s size and physicality was too much for UW. Iverson, senior Pierce Hornung and senior Greg Smith gave UW fits offensively and defensively.

The Cowboys shot only 29.8 percent from the field, 25.9 percent from 3-point range and 45.5 percent from the free-throw line.

Senior point guard Derrious Gilmore had a career-high 26 points on 9-of-22 shooting. But the rest of the team was 8-of-35.

I liked how true freshman guard Jason McManamen, sophomore walk-on guard Jack Bentz and sophomore forward Derek Cooke Jr., played off the bench. Cooke had a career-high 11 rebounds. McManamen played a career-high 19 minutes. Didn’t see much of junior guard Nate Sobey until the game was decided. Coach Larry Shyatt said he wanted to play Bentz because of the stability he brings to the court.

Shyatt compared Moby Arena’s atmosphere close to Duke the last couple of years. Pretty high praise, but this is a good atmosphere when it’s sold out like it was.

CSU is good and very good in this place as its home-court winning streak is up to 26. That’s the third most in the nation.

UW is in trouble as it has lost four in a row and is 2-6 in league play.

For more on the game, see Sunday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and also log on to www.wyosports.net.

5 thoughts on “UW-Colorado State postgame thoughts

  1. I thought at times in the first half the team played better overall as a team with the reserves in there. Better spacing and CSU seemed to have to play more of a straight up man not fudge on our non shooters or scores that makes up our first team. I just don’t understand our offense sets . Seems to me our big guys are always at the top of the key when we take a outside shoot, to far from basket to ever get a offense rebound never in position.

  2. OK, the real skinny. From the first foul on Hornung, jumping into Josh Adams on a 3, thru the horrific travelling calls, down to the paint area where that lumberjack and his associates were mauling us- that is what Shyatt was referring too in terms of a no-no. Granted, they mauled us down low- snapped up every rebound and got very lucky with a desperate 3 pointer at half and put Washington in trouble to start the 2nd. I will say we definitely got beat, but if that is the kind of officiating that happens at the dump they call Moby- then CSU will never lose a game at home.

    Our youth vs their experience, our Coach vs their muttering madman, I will take the Cowboys every time. Where we are exposed is now, so many dimensions. A true big, another quality ball handler, a pure wing man (shooter), and several other contributors on the bench. What we do have is incredible D, and will to compete. The rotation NM and CSU involved, wore us out and we can’t do much better with these types of contests other than bitch.

    Can’t figure why we can’t get it into Leonard W early and often. With the way Derrious was shooting, he should have gotten some looks. The last two games, albeit the last 3 minutes, of this one- LN is none existent, love that kid- but he needs some fierceness in his disposition. OK, so we are at the bottom of the MWC and it’s a long road to the tourney in VEGAS. I’m not expecting much more than a quick elimination at this point, play the young bucks, garner some experience, and maybe end up with 20 wins. That will be something in and of itself at this stage. Go Pokes.

  3. What’s the story on McManamen and Bentz playing over Sobey? One of the biggest games of the year where a starter gets hurt relatively early and Shyatt plays two guys who have barely played all year over a junior who has played most of the year. I like that the younger guys are playing, but I definitely think there is more to this than Shyatt led on with his comment about “stability.”

    • Was told those guys earned more playing time in practice. Nothing more, nothing less than that.


  4. I have to agree about the officiating in the game and also in the Cowgirls game.. It was not good at all. But that seems to be a common accurance anymore. I would like to see the Cowboys get the ball inside more and drive to the basket instead of playing catch outside. I went to the Cowgirls game Saturday, so glad they won, but can not understand why the student body does not show up for the games. This is their team from their school so they should come out in force.

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