Spring offensive leaders/analysis for Cowboys

Here are some of Wyoming’s offensive statistical leaders from three scrimmages and its spring game, which was last Saturday.


Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Brett Smith              44-70 (62.8 percent) 661 yards, 9 TD, 2 INT

Jason Thompson     51-74 (68.9 percent) 568 yards, 5 TD, 3 INT

Colby Kirkegaard    20-35 (57.1 percent) 259 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT

Tommy Thornton     15-31 (48.3 percent) 158 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

My thoughts: Smith is hands down the starter. Thompson has a lot of ability and potential, but remember, he has not been in college a full year yet and he came in after running a Wing-T offense in high school. He still has a lot of development to go. Nonetheless, UW has two quality guys at this spot. Kirkegaard should be the No. 3 guy heading into fall camp, and is a senior. Thornton showed good arm strength in the spring.


D.J. May         40 carries, 176 yards (4.4 ypc)   4 TD

Shaun Wick    27 carries, 177 yards (6.5 ypc)    3 TD

Omar Stover   33 carries 153 yards (4.6 ypc)     0 TD

My thoughts: It looks to be a crowded backfield with these three guys, and when senior Brandon Miller returns from injury in fall camp. UW may need all of those guys as it pushes the tempo offensively and wanting to keep guys fresh. Don’t expect one guy to get the bulk of the carries, expect them to be spread out. UW only ran the ball well once in its three scrimmages and spring game, and much of that was with the backups. Stover, a true freshman who enrolled back in January, will play this season. Not included here is the quarterback rushing numbers, which has been a big part of UW’s offense since coach Dave Christensen’s first season in 2009. It will be again. Smith has rushed for 962 yards and 16 touchdowns in his career, and Thompson ran for 121 yards last season, including a 53-yard run in the spring game.


Robert Herron

Robert Herron

Dominic Rufran      22 catches, 282 yards (12.8 ypc)   2 TD

Robert Herron        14 catches, 275 yards (19.6 ypc)   4 TD

K. Montgomery      14 catches, 198 yards (14.1 ypc)   0 TD

Dominic Rufran

Dominic Rufran

Nico Brown           11 catches, 159 yards (14.5 ypc)   2 TD

Jalen Claiborne     10 catches, 155 yards (15.5 ypc)   1 TD

Eric Nzeocha         9 catches, 128 yards (14.2 ypc)   2 TD

My thoughts: Fifteen different receivers (running backs included) caught at least one pass during the spring. I said this in my column last Sunday, and I will say it again: this has a chance to be the best receiving group at UW — from top to bottom — in the last 30 years. Five players caught between 30 and 69 passes last season. I could see as many as seven or eight this season. There is speed, big-play ability and some added size. Helps to have a good quarterback like Smith, but this is by far the team’s most talented and deep group.

What do you think folks? Agree, disagree?

Will hit the defense soon, along with special teams.

2 thoughts on “Spring offensive leaders/analysis for Cowboys

  1. I think it could be really good…but to be the best it has to show in the clutch situations. My gauge will be if its good enough to make our running game a threat….which will allow our D to rest up and pin their ears back…which will put us in the top 2 in the league. If this doesn’t happen (it should in year 5 of DC) then the receivers weren’t moving the chains in the clutch and are just fast guys with pads on instead of ‘the best group in 30 years’. I hope they are.

    • Tremendous receiver core this season. We should do well with these guys. I think the backfield is a little crowded when Miller returns though. All this platooning may come back to bite Coach C if a player decides to transfer because of a lack of carries. Im still a little worried about the offensive line woes. I watched the spring game and they couldnt open many holes, even against the 2’s. That’s my concern.

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