UW depth chart heading into fall camp

Wyoming released its summer prospectus for the upcoming football season, which included a depth chart heading into fall camp in early August.

No real surprises, but here are a couple of interesting notes:

Omar Stover

Omar Stover

–True freshman running back Omar Stover is second behind senior Brandon Miller, who missed the spring recovering from a broken arm. Stover is ahead of sophomores Shaun Wick and D.J. May, who all played and started games last season as true freshmen. Expect Miller, Stover, May and Wick to play this season, but Stover’s move up was impressive.

–Despite a lack of depth at cornerback, UW lists senior Marqueston Huff as the starter at free safety. Huff was a cornerback the last three years. He looked good at free safety in the spring, but that move depends on Huff’s replacement at corner. Junior DeAndre Jones is the guy heading into fall camp. True freshman Timmy Hayes could compete for the job, as should newly signed JC transfer Tyran Finley. If UW can get solid play from the corner opposite of junior Blair Burns, Huff at safety could be a big boost for the defense.

–Smallish Lucas Wacha, at 6-1, 201 pounds, is the starter at one of the two outside linebacker spots. The redshirt freshman made a lot of plays in the spring, but needs to get bigger. JC transfer Jeff Lark is fourth on the depth chart. A lot was expected of him when he signed, but he has taken a while to adjust. A wildcard here is sophomore Zack Berg, who is third on the depth chart. Berg didn’t do much in the spring due to an injury, but he has good size for the position, and had a good spring and fall camp last year. It would benefit UW a lot of Berg and Lark have good fall camps.

–Redshirt freshmen receivers Nico Brown and Eric Nzeocha are listed as backups

Nico Brown

Nico Brown

behind senior Robert Herron and junior Dominic Rufran. These two had the best springs among UW’s younger receivers, and expect them to be productive this season.

–JC transfer center Albert Perez is listed as the starting center, even though he wasn’t on campus in the spring. UW experimented with a lot of different guys. Sophomore

Albert Perez

Albert Perez

Chase Roullier gave that position some stability in the spring, but he is listed as a backup at one of the two guard spots. UW needs Perez to come in and be good, if not, the entire offense will struggle.

Like in the spring, this depth chart could shift daily early on in fall camp. What do you think folks? Do you see anything you like or not like about this depth chart?

The entire depth chart is listed below:


20 Blair Burns (5-10, 180, Jr., Plano, Texas)
24 Zaquoya Parham (5-10, 177, So., Phoenix, Ariz.)
37 Luke Kellum (5-10, 184, RFr., Lecompton, Kan.)
38 Julian Hawkins (5-8, 169, Jr., Denver, Colo.)
Strong Safeties
13 Darrenn White (6-0, 184, Jr., Kansas City, Mo.)
16 Cortland Fort (6-0, 182, RFr., Fontana, Calif.)
14 Xavier Lewis (6-0, 190, Fr., Aurora, Colo.)
Free Safeties
2 Marqueston Huff (6-0, 195, Sr., Texarkana, Texas)
7 Chad Reese (5-11, 180, Jr., Tyler, Texas)
6 B.J. Hendrix (5-11, 184, RSo., O’Fallon, Ill.)
23 Tim Kamana (5-11, 185, Fr., Honolulu, Hawai’i)
4 DeAndre Jones (6-0, 180, Jr., Killeen, Texas)
29 Timmy Hayes (5-9, 185, Fr., Los Angeles, Calif.)
32 Jake Schiffner (5-10, 181, Jr., Calgary, Alberta)
35 Cooper Wise (5-9, 170, Fr., Powell, Wyo.)
WILL Linebackers
45 Lucas Wacha (6-1, 201, RFr., Texarkana, Texas)
53 Alex Borgs (6-2, 224, Jr.., Raesfeld, Germany)
8 Zack Berg (6-2, 226, So., Edmonds, Wash.)
3 Jeff Lark (6-2, 203, So., Cedar Hill, Texas)
MIKE Linebackers
43 Devyn Harris (6-3, 229, Sr., Fountain, Colo.)
1 Jordan Stanton (6-0, 246, Jr., Palmdale, Calif.)
47 Brandon Lukenbill (6-2, 224, RFr., Puyallup, Wash.)
SAM Linebackers
21 Mark Nzeocha (6-3, 230, Jr., Neusitz, Germany)
15 Nehemie Kankolongo (5-11, 208, Jr., Coquitlam, B.C.)
9 Malkaam Muhammad (6-0, 225, So., St. Joseph, Mo.)
34 Siaosi Hala’api’api (6-2, 240, So., Honolulu, Hawai’i)
44 J.J. Quinlan (6-1, 238, Sr., Everett, Wash.)
22 Ryan Anaya (6-2, 240, Fr., Casper, Wyo.)
46 Deven McKenna (6-2, 225, So., Millstone, N.J.)
Nose Tackles
95 Patrick Mertens (6-5, 295, Sr., Sterling, Colo.)
90 Uso Olive (6-1, 300, RFr., Federal Way, Wash.)
57 Chase Appleby (6-0, 289, RFr., Frisco, Texas)
98 Dalton Fields (6-3, 265, Fr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)
Defensive Tackles
55 Eddie Yarbrough (6-3, 253, So., Aurora, Colo.)
96 Justin Bernthaler (6-2, 256, Sr., Stuttgart, Germany)
91 Troy Boyland (6-2, 310, Jr., Palo Alto, Calif.)
54 James Diamanti (6-4, 296, Fr., Grand Junction, Colo.)
Defensive Ends
12 Sonny Puletasi (6-3, 247, Jr., Lawton, Okla.)
31 Saw Awrabi (6-3, 245, RFr., Clovis, Calif.)
52 Sam Hardy (6-3, 299, RFr., West Hills, Calif.)
97 Dan Crook (6-3, 266, Jr., Brigham City, Utah)
40 Stuart Williams (5-11, 180, Jr., Nederland, Colo.)
91 Ethan Wood (6-3, 165, Fr., Colorado Srings, Colo.)
9 Sam Stratton (5-11, 196, Jr., Littleton, Colo.)
Punt Returners
1 Jalen Claiborne (5-9, 175, Jr., Carthage, Texas)
20 Blair Burns (5-10, 180, Jr., Plano, Texas)
Kickoff Returners (first two are starting tandem)
6 Robert Herron (5-10, 187, Sr., Los Angeles, Calif.)
1 Jalen Claiborne (5-9, 175, Jr., Carthage, Texas)
2 Marqueston Huff (6-0, 195, Sr., Texarkana, Texas)
7 D.J. May (5-11, 196, So., Federal Way, Wash.)
16 Brett Smith (6-3, 205, Jr., Salem, Ore.)
17 Jason Thompson (6-2, 212, So., Renton, Wash.)
11 Colby Kirkegaard (6-3, 198, Sr., Phoenix, Ariz.)
13 Tommy Thornton (6-1, 205, Fr., Tempe, Ariz.)
Running Backs
8 Brandon Miller (6-0, 188, Sr., Parker, Colo.)
24 Omar Stover (5-11, 192, Fr., Bolingbrook, Ill.)
26 Shaun Wick (5-10, 190, So., Ventura, Calif.)
7 D.J. May (5-11, 196, So., Federal Way, Wash.)
22 Tedder Easton (5-11, 260, Sr., Columbia, Mo.)
32 Joshua Tapscott (5-9, 200, Fr., Nokesville, Va.)
6 Robert Herron (5-10, 187, Sr., Los Angeles, Calif.)
2 Eric Nzeocha (6-1, 208, RFr., Neusitz, Germany)
4 Tanner Gentry (6-2, 190, Fr., Aurora, Colo.)
27 Oscar Nevermann (6-1, 210, Fr., Stockholm, Sweden)
1 Jalen Claiborne (5-9, 175, Jr., Carthage, Texas)
19 Keenan Montgomery (6-1, 180, Jr., St. Paul, Minn.)
82 Tanner Simpson (6-2, 178, RFr., Lander, Wyo.)
33 Dominic Rufran (6-0, 185, Jr., Colorado Springs, Colo.)
81 Justin Berger (6-2, 200, Jr., Danville, Calif.)
83 Jake Maulhardt (6-6, 197, RFr., Camarillo, Calif.)
25 Spencer Bruce (6-5, 225, Sr., Gillette, Wyo.)
3 Trey Norman (6-1, 170, Jr., Texarkana, Texas)
89 Nico Brown (6-3, 205, RFr., Leander, Texas)
18 Josh Smith (6-3, 205, Jr., Manchester, N.H.)
5 Trent Sewell (6-2, 207, RFr., Bothell, Wash.)
Tight Ends/H-Backs
80 J.D. Krill (6-6, 255, Jr., Mission Viejo, Calif.)
42 Riley Lange (6-3, 250, Jr., Parker, Colo.)
86 Luke Leddige (6-2, 205, Jr., Beaverton, Ore.)
Left Tackles
74 Walker Madden (6-9, 280, RJr., Yucca Valley, Calif.)
78 Nathan Leddige (6-5, 289, RFr., Beaverton, Ore.)
79 Connor Riese (6-7, 305, Fr., Schofield, Wis.)
Left Guards
51 Tyler Strong (6-3, 312, Sr., Longmont, Colo.)
62 Josh Teeter (6-3, 268, RFr., Laramie, Wyo.)
64 Charlie Renfree (6-3, 283, Fr., Scottsdale, Ariz.)
75 Kurtis Stirneman (6-5, 270, Fr., Lakewood, Ill.)
50 Albert Perez (6-1, 285, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif.)
63 Rafe Kiely (6-3, 296, So., Wheaton, Ill.)
69 Austin Tixier (6-3, 272, RFr., Mount Prospect, Ill.)
Right Guards
72 Jake Jones (6-3, 295, So., Lakewood, Colo.)
73 Chase Roullier (6-4, 312, RFr., Savage, Minn.)
76 Jacob English (6-5, 305, RFr., Beloit, Kan.)
Right Tackles
77 Connor Rains (6-7, 318, RJr., Placerville, Calif.)
71 Austin Traphagan (6-5, 308, So., Yuma, Colo.)
58 Taylor Knestis (6-5, 270, Fr., Lakewood, Colo.)
Place-kickers (For Field Goals)
40 Stuart Williams (5-11, 180, Jr., Nederland, Colo.)
92 Taylor King (5-9, 173, RFr., Casper, Wyo.)
93 Kris Mull (5-11, 155, Fr., Worland, Wyo.)
Place-kickers (For Kickoffs)
39 Justin Martin (5-10, 178, So., Oakdale, Calif.)
40 Stuart Williams (5-11, 180, Jr., Nederland, Colo.)
Long Snappers (For Punts/Field Goals and PATS)
94 Brendan Turelli (6-2, 240, Fr., Phoenix, Ariz.)
34 Siaosi Hala’api’api (6-2, 240, So., Honolulu, Hawai’i)
57 Chase Appleby (6-0, 289, RFr., Frisco, Texas)

6 thoughts on “UW depth chart heading into fall camp

  1. RG,

    What happened to the JC safety that we brought in? Did he leave the program and open up a scholarship for the new CB that we signed?


    • He hurt his Achilles in the spring so he isn’t listed on the depth chart now. Don’t think the coaches know when he will be back. Hoping by fall camp, but it could be later than that.
      There are a few scholarships available with the departure of a few players prior to spring, and even during spring.


  2. Robert,
    What jumps out at me is that it appears we are beginning to see the building of some quality depth. I also note that if this team is as good as I hope it will be (thru my brown/gold glasses) this year could be something special. We will know by the night of Sept 28th. Not only that , but we only have 3 seniors on offense and a like number on defense. So if the team plays to its expected potential & Brett stays healthy & we luck out with a redshirt for Thompson the future of Cowboy football might finally be returning to glory days. How’s that for optimism??!!

    • That is very optimistic. I see some good depth developing at RB, WR and QB. Not sure if it is quite there yet on the defensive side of the ball. The numbers are there, but not sure yet of the quality. But it is getting better, and has improved a lot over the last couple of years.


  3. Robert,

    What about this recruiting in Germany. I’m not seeing anything from these guys that Christensen and Co is spending budgeted greenbacks on. My sense is there are plenty of gems in the US that go bye virtually undiscovered. If kids like Colin Kapernick stride onto the field with remarkable acumen and extraordinary talent, why the hell are we flying into Stuttgart and putting Cowboy Uni’s on these dudes? This is a botch job.

    • The recruiting in Germany has subsided for now. This will be a big year in terms of importance for LB Mark Nzeocha. I think his younger brother, Eric, will be decent as a WR. UW did spend money to have these kids come on visits, but they don’t fly out there to see them. Still, I don’t think we will see a ton of recruiting from there in the future.


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