UW-Air Force postgame thoughts

I have got to say, when Wyoming’s offense is executing it is fun to watch.

Case in point was its 56-23 win at Air Force Saturday night and went into Sunday morning.

Six straight touchdown drives, and seven in the first eight possessions. If it were not for a fumble it might have been eight in a row.

Here is video of the team singing the school fight song to a large group of Wyoming fans after the game.

Junior quarterback Brett Smith was great with a school-record 511 yards of total offense. He also is the school-record holder for career touchdown passes with 60. He had a career-high 35 completions in 41 attempts.

When he is spot-on like that, UW will be tough to beat.

Smith ran for 138 yards and a TD. Only his second 100-yard game. His 74-yard run on the Cowboys’ first play of the game kind of set the tone. A little surprised Smith ran it 16 times. But there were some open lanes. There were other times I didn’t think they should have called his number.

How about a combined 32 catches from UW’s big four receivers: senior Robert Herron and true freshman Tanner Gentry (nine each), junior receiver Dominic Rufran (eight) and junior receiver Jalen Claiborne (six). It was a heck of a homecoming for Rufran, who had eight catches for a game-high 117 yards and two touchdowns. He grew up 10 minutes from Falcon Stadium.

Six more tackles for loss for UW’s defense. How about the hit by linebacker Nehemie Kankolongo on a kickoff return that forced a fumble? Wow!

Air Force lost its third straight in league play, and its defense isn’t great, but this was a good win for UW. It has only defeated Air Force two consecutive times at the Academy twice in the series history. The most recent was 2011 and 2013. The other was 1986-88.

As I write this it is 2:15 a.m. and I have to drive home. Try to post more stuff later.

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3 thoughts on “UW-Air Force postgame thoughts

  1. I was at the game and WOW what a game. Brett Smith was fantastic. That hit made by Kankolongo was felt through out the stands. I heard some complaining that it was a helmet to helmet. I did not see any helmet to helmet did any other Wyoming fan see it???????? I really hope that the Cowboys can continue this kind of football. Enjoyed the game very much and very pleased by all the Wyoming fans that came.

  2. Is anyone at all worried about the amount of time the defense is spending on the field? Granted I haven’t been as much of a fan as I should be but if I remember the numbers correctly, defense is staying on the field a hell of a long time.

    • I wrote last week that is could be a problem, but when the offense is clicking like it did at Air Force it probably isn’t as much of an issue. Still, there will be times when the offense isn’t clicking like that and will put more pressure on the defense. It will be an interesting trend to watch as the season goes on.


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