UW-Air Force: What they are saying

Quotes and comments from fans after the University of Wyoming’s 56-23 victory at Air Force last Saturday.

— “Wide freaking open, then laid on the jets!” — from KDWright via UW-Air Force live chat on UW junior receiver Dominic Rufran’s 61-yard touchdown reception in the first quarter.

— “B. Smitty is cruising.” — from timmy jack on the play of UW junior quarterback Brett Smith via UW-Air Force live chat. Smith finished with 511 yards of total offense, a single-game school record.

— “Made that hit while being blocked. Wow.” — from Paul on the hit made by UW junior linebacker Nehemie Kankolongo on the hit he made on Air Force running back Anthony LaCoste on a kickoff early in the second quarter that UW senior linebacker Devyn Harris recovered.

— “If they get 60 I’m going to take a huge pull off the bottle of Crown.” — from ulou via UW-Air Force live chat.

— “What can you say besides ‘wow” after that game. Way to go Pokes.” — from hixinstix on a comment posted at wyosports.net.

— “Man, I love my teammates and coaches.” — UW junior buck Sonny Puletasi via Twitter (@SONNY12P)

— “Great game played by Wyoming Football last night! Glad I was in attendance to witness greatness.” — from UW men’s basketball forward Larry Nance Jr. via Twitter (@Larrydn22)

— “Attendance tonight: 35,389 = 32,234 in blue shocked, sad but with a new respect for WYO and Brett Smith.” — from @brandttobler via Twitter.

5 thoughts on “UW-Air Force: What they are saying

  1. Three consecutive conference game blowout losses for Air Force,
    something that is unheard of. This is the worst Air Force squad since
    the period of 1974-1980 when the Falcons went a collective 17-58-4 under
    coaches like Bill Parcells, Ken Hatfield, and sadly the closing years
    of the 20 year career of the great Ben Martin. The Wyoming win was more
    than impressive as the offense was spectacular, but the Air Force
    defense was nonexistent with the offense and special teams feeble at
    best. The contest for Wyoming next week at San Marcos against Sunbelt
    Conference newcomer Texas St may be only slightly more challenging as
    the Bobcats have not shown much thus far in 2013. Following an idle
    week the first weekend of October Wyoming has yet another relative easy
    opponent with New Mexico coming into Laramie on 12 October. 5-1 looks
    to be the Cowboys record heading into the Border War on 19 October,
    which looks to be the next challenge relative to the five games played
    and to be played following the game in Lincoln. Hopefully the idle week
    will give Wyoming a chance to mend up, and continue to improve and
    diversify in all aspects of the game with the extra practice time.
    Looking beyond Colorado St, Wyoming fans can possibly contemplate the
    increasing possibility of competitive games both at San Jose and Boise
    later in this season; and what were considered to be almost sure losses
    now have to be looked at as games Wyoming has a chance in and can even
    win, but until those contests arrive, it is uncertain how much of a
    chance. As for Air Force, it is not out of the realm of possibility
    they may not win another game this season. Navy and Army look to be
    losses yet again for the Falcons, and the remaining conference schedule
    has no games that can be viewed as at least possible Air Force wins.
    Troy Calhoun might get a pass for a 2-10 or 1-11 season at The Academy
    for 2013, but his fate will be determined in the 2014 season if the
    Falcons cannot return to at least four wins and probably five or six
    wins or more. Back to Wyoming, this game may be yet another one of the
    turning points in the life of Dave Christensen. Continued success and
    victories built on this Air Force win through this season, and he may be
    headed for bigger and better things and places.

  2. Your program is an embarrassment to the NCAA. You would have to be a low life to pull a jersey stunt like that; apparently that’s the staff/players you recruit. Pitiful.

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