Backups take center stage for Cowboys

Tuesday’s Wyoming football practice started with about 50 minutes of work for the Cowboys’ veterans, which included some early instillation of the game plan for their Oct. 12 homecoming game with New Mexico.

The rest of it was for the backups. While the starters went in for about an hour of rehab and prehab work on their bodies with the medical and strength staffs, the No. 2 and No. 3 players got more work with the coaching staff in individual and team periods.

“It’s important because there are a lot of guys that are playing that are still getting better,” coach Dave Christensen said. “Now we get a chance to coach those guys and give them a lot of individual attention. It also gives guys down the road a chance to get developmental work in. It was a good practice. We got a lot of work done.”

Some of the players that have seen a lot of playing time this season that got in some extra work included senior linebacker Devyn Harris and redshirt freshman defensive tackle Uso Olive. Harris can play both inside and outside, and extra reps at both are good for him right now.

Christensen didn’t say if any specific individuals stood out, but he said he saw some good plays on both sides of the ball and also some mistakes.

Some of the guys that could benefit the most from this include Harris and Olive, but also true freshman running back Omar Stover, senior receiver Jarrod Darden — both who have played this season.

Also, junior safety Jesse Sampson will get some valuable work in as he continues to recover from an Achilles injury from the spring. Same can be said for redshirt freshman defensive end Sam Awrabi, also coming off an injury.

All of UW’s quarterbacks, expect for junior starter Brett Smith, took snaps after the starters left.

The starters returned at the end of practice to watch, and the practice ended about 10 minutes early after all the plays that were scripted were done.