UW-Boise State postgame thoughts

Talking about Wyoming’s last four football games is beginning to sound like a broken record.

Inconsistent to bad offense. Poor defense.

Those results led to UW’s fourth straight loss in a 48-7 drubbing at Boise State Saturday night.

A season-high four turnovers — three of which led to Boise State touchdowns — and a defense that was on the field for 92 plays and gave up 524 yards.

UW had a season-low 265 yards of offense, and also a season-low in rushing yards (55) and points.

The defense did little to stop Boise State, that had 241 yards rushing and 283 passing. There were some short fields due to the four turnovers, but the Broncos also drove the field on the Cowboys.

Short passes to the flat to receivers due to UW’s soft coverage hurt the Cowboys a lot. The deep pass to junior receiver Matt Miller, mostly against Cowboys junior cornerback Blair Burns also hurt. As did the run game.

UW junior quarterback Brett Smith was in tears walking off the field after the game, and held back tears talking to the media. Hard not to feel bad for him, and the rest of the players. You could tell the entire team — coaches and players — took this one hard. Not that they didn’t in the other three losses.

It didn’t help UW that the left side of its offensive line played with substitutes. Early in the game, junior tackle Walker Madden left with an ankle injury and didn’t return. He was in a walking boot after the game. Guard Tyler Strong didn’t play, either, due to injury announced Friday. Boise State beat up UW with its front seven throughout.

UW’s longest play of the game was 23 yards. It averaged only 3.7 yards per play. This once high-powered offense is sputtering, at best right now.

The Cowboys tried to play more guys on defense, especially at linebacker and in the secondary. But it didn’t matter.

This team is reeling and even hosting winless Hawaii (0-10) Saturday in Laramie doesn’t feel like a given win.

The players said they still are determined to win their last two games to become bowl eligible. Hard to even think like that right now based on what’s happened the last four games.

For more game coverage, see wyosports.net, which will include a column, report card, scoring summary, notebook and what fans are saying about the team.

4 thoughts on “UW-Boise State postgame thoughts

  1. After watching this pathetic game I will be so glad when football is OVER. I do believe that DC needs to pack his bags and get out of town. Brett Smith was horrible last night, it seems that he is getting worse. wonder what the problem is??
    Went to Laramie and watched the Men’s basketball, great game. Josh Adams played really well. Now it is time to support the basketball teams and hope for a better year next year for the football.

  2. This current staff is running the program into the ground. It’s starting to turn away longtime fans and could do alot of damage to the future of the Wyoming Cowboys. I myself will not be watching any more games this year.

  3. ESPN had a choice on their ‘Streak for Cash.’ Boise State wins by 25+ points, or ‘other result.’ I’m glad I chose 25+ points. 80% of the country obviously don’t watch Wyoming games

  4. Brett Smith was horrible last night, seems to getting worse wonder what the problem is??? You’re an idiot and have announced your true lack of understanding of the game of football. People who truly know football already know what the problem(s) are. The QB is the end result of 10 other guys doing their job. If its all 11 its usually successful. The problem is there are about 3-4 guys doing their job currently on any given play hence the reliability for successful play diminishes dramatically. Smith has made a living of making up the difference for most of his career as a Wyoming Cowboy. When your main objective is to preserve your life there’s little time for anything else other than multiple short dink and dunk routes and the occasional stuff of the running game. Any idiot should be able to see that but I guess you are of the special kind.

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