Christensen fired as UW football coach

Speculation became reality Sunday afternoon with the news Wyoming fired football coach Dave Christensen after five seasons.

Did it surprise any of you?

But where does UW go from here in its search for a new coach? Where do you think it should go?

Since 2000 it has gone in a lot of different directions:

–Vic Koenning replaced Dana Dimel in 2000. Koenning was Dimel’s defensive coordinator and was given his first head coaching job after Dimel took a similar position at Houston.

–Koenning won five games in three years, and was replaced by Joe Glenn in 2003, who won national titles at the Division II level (Northern Colorado) and at Montana (FCS).

–Glenn was around for six seasons and took UW to one bowl game. But he was fired after the 2008 season and replaced by Christensen, one of the nation’s top assistants as the offensive coordinator at Missouri.

So does UW go in one of those three directions for its next coach? Perhaps go after a coach at comperable or smaller level FBS school? What about a guy that has been a FBS head coach but has not been in coaching for a year or two?

What about someone none of us have ever heard of?

I think athletics director Tom Burman needs to explore all those options, but also must do it fast as stability needs to be reestablished with the new coach and the current group of players — not to mention to get started putting a recruiting class together.

See Monday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and for more on Christensen’s firing, as well as some reaction from players. There also will be a story on some probable names that will surface during the search and a column on how and why things didn’t work out for Christensen at UW.

In the meantime, would love to hear your thoughts about this, and who you think should be the next UW coach.

4 thoughts on “Christensen fired as UW football coach

  1. With the challenges of coaching in Laramie, I would like to see a person who has played in Laramie and then has gone on to a successful coaching career. I think knowing the Laramie/Wyoming culture would be a great benefit. Such people do exist, such as Mike Van Diest at Carroll College. I am sure he would never get a look, but maybe others are out there.

  2. Needed a change, but the only thing we will most likely draw is a D-II coach, or an Assistant/Coordinator hungry to show the world they can be a head coach, and use UW as a ‘stepping stone,’ if they’re successful.

  3. Bobby Petrino. Has been highly successful at every single stop he’s had. Wyoming needs a “players coach”. A “leader of men”. It was obvious that the team gave up on Christensen at both the end of this season and last season. If the team doesn’t believe, we won’t win football games. Period. As I said before, we need a leader of men coach, not an X’s and O’s coach. A coach that is great a persuading good talent to play for him (recruiting). IMO, out of the list of potential candidates we’ve seen, Patrino is the only one that excels at every single on of these things. To me, it’s a no brainer as to who would be the best fit to turn this program around and make it competitive the quickest. And I think with the growth of the MWC he would come here.

  4. If we could get a coach who could use us as a stepping stone would be great. At least that would mean we are being successful.

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