Pokes wearing uniforms, jersey numbers of 86-87 squad

The Wyoming men’s basketball team is wearing jerseys and numbers from its 1986-87 team that advanced to the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

The team itself isn’t being honored for today’s regular-season finale with Colorado State.

Here is UW’s current players and the number of their counterparts from that 1986-87 squad:

No.    Current player                                  1986-87 player

10     Riley Grabau                                        Sean Dent

22    Trey Washington III                               Kevin Richardson

24    Austin Haldorson                                  Turk Boyd

25    Nathan Sobey                                       Reggie Fox

32    Jerron Granberry                                   Willie Jones

34    Josh Adams                                          Fennis Dembo

35    Derek Cooke Jr.                                    Mike Amundson

43    Matt Sellers                                           Eric Leckner

50    Aaron Tyser                                          David Lodgins

54    Jack Bentz                                           Jon Summers

Any of these current players remind you of those former players? The explosiveness of Adams and Dembo is there — a little bit — to me. I like the Sobey-Fox combo. And even though Bentz, a walk-on guard, is not a big and bruising forward like Summers, I think his work ethic to the program is right there.

WyoSports senior columnist Bob Hammond wrote a story today looking back at the 30-plus year history of the Arena-Auditorium. Today is the last game here before the $30 million renovation, which starts bright and early Monday morning. Hammond covered a lot of those games, and he also lists his top 10 games.

Here is the link to the story


What are some of your top games you have seen in the A-A?