UW quarterbacks going through Clock Management 101

Wyoming’s quarterbacks have learned a lot, and still have a lot to learn as first-year coach Craig Bohl and his offensive staff continue to install and implement the concepts of the West Coast/pro-style offense.

Craig Bohl

Craig Bohl

One of the keys in that offense is clock management, which is something foreign to the quarterbacks that have been in the program the last couple of years.

“We’re trying to make sure our quarterbacks manage the clock and make sure we are disciplined,” Bohl said after a recent practice. “We have been putting our guys in situations when they are tired and have to think. We are not where we need to be.”

Redshirt senior quarterback Colby Kirkegaard remains the heavy favorite to be the starter, and sophomore Tom Thornton is still No. 2. Kirkegaard is in this fourth year in the program, and Thornton his second.

Other than a two-minute drill, former coach Dave Christensen wanted to run as many plays as fast as possible — especially last season.

“Coach Bohl is really stressing the quarterbacks to take a look at the play clock, which adds another element to think about; and we have a lot of things to thing about in the whole process,” Kirkegaard said.

“At times it has gone well and at times it hasn’t.”

Bohl also has had his quarterbacks work on hard counts, another element not used a lot the fast few years. And, it isn’t just about drawing a team offsides.

Colby Kirkegaard

Colby Kirkegaard

“I’d rather do a hard count and let the defense show what they are going to do, so we can make our correct checks and get into the right play,” Kirkegaard said.

Kirkegaard said half-jokingly that during a practice the first hard count may be louder than ones at the end as it takes its toll on the vocal chords.

This is Kirkegaard’s fourth fall camp at UW, and he said this one has been the hardest. The Cowboys have their first and only scrimmage of camp at 11 a.m. Saturday.

“I just want to stay consistent,” said Kirkegaard on what he hopes to accomplish in the scrimmage. “We will go out and have a good practice and then have a not-so-good one. Making sure I am consistent with my read, checks, getting everyone lined up right — and being able to execute the offense.

“I am not saying we are doing good things, our goal is to do good things at all times.”

See Friday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and log on to wyosports.net for an update on how UW’s fullbacks are progressing during camp.