UW-Colorado State postgame thoughts

Do you take any positives from Wyoming’s 45-31 loss at Colorado State Saturday?

The offense scored 28 second-half points, including 21 in the fourth quarter. Yes, those points came after the game was no longer in doubt. But, was it a positive and something the team can build on?

True freshman running back Brian Hill looked good after junior Shaun Wick left with a broken hand on the first series. Hill had 121 yards on 28 carries and two touchdowns. I think UW fans are going to like watching him run the ball in the future.

Defensively … OK, hard to draw many positives there as more injuries and missed tackles hurt the Cowboys (no pun intended) once again. Tim Harkins, UW’s sports information director who has been at the school more than 20 years, said he doesn’t remember this many injuries to a Cowboys’ ┬áteam since former coach Joe Tiller’s first season in 1991 when around 20 players under went surgeries due to injuries.

Here is what first-year coach Craig Bohl said after the game:

Unfortunately for UW (3-5 overall, 1-3 Mountain West and losers of four straight) this game was similar to many others: inconsistent offense and defense. The injuries on defense continue to pile up, but many of the same issues — such as missed tackles — plagued this defense even when healthy.

Some fans have expressed their want to see younger players see more time to build toward the future.

They will get their wish in some areas such as Hill at running back, sophomores Will Tutein and Xavier Lewis at safety, junior Tyran Finley at cornerback and junior Jeff Lark at linebacker. We have already seen glimpes of other guys such as true freshman Ryan Cummings at left tackle and true freshman Robert Priester at cornerback.

Some want to see what UW has at quarterback. Despite going 24 of 38 for 335 yards and two touchdowns, some want to see senior Colby Kirkegaard benched and see what guys like sophomores Tom Thornton and/or Aaron Young can do.

I don’t have an issue with UW getting a guy like Thornton a series or two in UW’s last four games to see what he can do. But while Kirkegaard and the offense remains inconsistent, Kirkegaard is still the clear-cut No. 1 guy. If not, Thornton or even Young would have seen some time earlier this season.

There is something to be said about seeing what the future holds at certain positions for UW, but same can be said for seniors like Kirkegaard — a team captain — who has done a lot become UW’s starter. One can only hope many of the younger guys on this team has the attitude, toughness and perseverance as Kirkegaard has.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this, folks.

Bohl’s Monday news conference should be an interesting one as he gives out the weekly injury report. Don’t think it looks good for Wick, senior free safety Jesse Sampson (leg) and junior linebacker Malkaam Muhammad (elbow) to be back this season. I also didn’t like how senior right tackle Connor Rains got rolled up on late in the game and hurt his ankle. Rains came back in the game, but later left.

7 thoughts on “UW-Colorado State postgame thoughts

  1. I think we have all seen enough of Kirkegaard.. And I won’t give him credit for what stats he pilled up late in the 3rd Quarter to the end of the game.. Kirkegaard doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions, but he doesn’t throw completions either.. It’s time to rely on the running game more and it’s time for a new QB to run this offense..

  2. Put me in the camp of wanting to see what Thornton can do unless they are attempting to redshirt him. For a 5th year senior Colby seems to have problems going thru his reads/progressions. I noticed at CSU he looked at his primary receiver all the way before he threw the ball. Did not seem to look off receivers.

  3. I think Bohl is tired of being asked “What being done about tackling” question. He gets it…he see’s it…it seems (Not you Robert) but some media folks are beating this dead horse even more. Bohl’s face is priceless when this question was asked. I have faith in Bohl, it will take some time….2-3 years.

  4. With more players leaving the program for personal reasons it seems that these players do not have the perseverance or dedication to be part of the Wyoming program , Wyoming is better off without these kinds of players. The defensive performance against CSU was embarrassing to say the least. The defensive problems are as bad as they have been in the past several years. This problem needs to be corrected before the program can e a serious contender in the MW conference. It seems like every team that we have played are a little bigger, faster and stronger than us. Hopefully Bohl can correct this problem with better recruiting in the future.
    Robert- Did Thornton come in for one play during the Florida Atlantic game when Kirkengaard was hurt?
    I think that Kirkengaard should be benched and let Thornton or one of the other QB’s play. He is not a Div. I qb.. And Priester really needs to be taught how to tackle, I am wondering if he thinks he is playing touch football because that is all he does is touch the opponent and NOT tackle.

    • Yes, Thornton got in for at least one play vs. FAU and also a couple of snaps late vs. Michigan State.


  5. Can Thornton still redshirt Robert? Im confused as to how he didn’t last year either, I don’t remember him throwing a pass this year or last

    • He can’t redshirt this year because he’s played in two games, even though it was only a few plays. He played in four games last year and was 3 of 4 for 15 yards in mop-up duty. Thornton was the backup last year because the old staff wanted to redshirt Jason Thompson. Thornton could redshirt next year if he and/or UW wanted.


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