Bentz shares Wyoming NCAA Tournament experience with you

University of Wyoming senior guard Jack Bentz will provide WyoSports and this blog with a daily diary of his thoughts as the Cowboys go through the process of preparing for the NCAA Tournament. Here’s the first installment:

Back to work.

Jack Bentz

Jack Bentz

After a long week in Las Vegas, we could not wait to return home to Wyoming, with the Mountain West Conference championship trophy in our hands, and championship hats on our heads. On top of that, we could not believe the amount of people who came to the NCAA Selection Show watch party Sunday at the Gateway Center.

We cannot thank all of the fans and supporters of our team enough. It is truly an honor to represent the state and wear the brown and gold. And to be able to enjoy that moment together, seeing our name announced, was truly special.

Despite all the celebration and post-tournament festivities, we were eager to get back to work. We had an afternoon practice and weight lifting in the A-A (Arena-Auditorium), where the focus was solely on ourselves. While the coaches have been watching lots of game film on Northern Iowa and preparing scouting reports, we took today to clean things up on our offense and defense from the past tournament. Not to mention getting our wind back and re-acclimating ourselves to the unforgiving 7,200 feet altitude.

One of Coach Shyatt’s favorite quotes is “don’t drink the poison.” The poison stands for negative distractions, i.e. social media, “bracketologists,” or anything else that can get in our way and impair our vision.

We have already heard this message from Coach Shy multiple times throughout the year (for some of us four years) and I can guarantee it won’t be the last time we hear that phrase this week.

The team is on edge and excited to not only continue playing but to travel to Seattle, determined to win. Tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to get better.