Jack’s Journal: Day 3 of UW senior guard Jack Bentz’s take of NCAA Tournament experience

University of Wyoming senior guard Jack Bentz will provide WyoSports and this blog with a daily diary of his thoughts as the Cowboys go through the process of preparing for the NCAA Tournament. Here’s the third installment from Wednesday, March 18:

Seattle bound.

Jack Bentz

Jack Bentz

After a solid morning practice in Laramie, we loaded up our bus and headed to the Laramie regional airport. There, waiting for us, was a huge 737-charter jet, accompanied by some pretty distinguished guests. Governor Matt Mead, Maury Brown, Tom Burman, and Adam Waddell were all on board. Not to mention our cheerleaders and other members of the Cowboy Joe and UW athletic administration. If that’s not cool enough, get this: All 12 of us players were reserved first class! As you can imagine, the guys were pretty excited.

As we flew into Seattle, the view from our plane windows gave us some beautiful aerial views of scenic Seattle skyline and famous landmark, the Space Needle. We then landed and upon arrival, climbed into a Seattle Seahawks team bus. From there, we drove through the city and passed Safeco Field (Mariners) and Century Link Field (Seahawks) en route to our downtown hotel.

Inside the hotel, NCAA official hosts greeted us, welcoming us with gift bags full of snacks and NCAA March Madness gear. The team will room with their same teammates that we’ve roomed with all year. For me, this is my second year rooming with Junior (Hankerson) and thank goodness he is not a snorer. We also have a team meeting with film followed by a team dinner at a restaurant.

While the trip has obviously gotten off to a great start, we are treating this like every other road trip, which is with the mindset of a “business trip.” There are certainly many perks that come with playing in the NCAA tournament, but we know what our main reason is for being here. There is a time and place to enjoy the moment and there is a time to take care of business. We are already looking forward to tomorrow’s practice and our last day of pregame preparation.