Shyatt talks about lack of playing time for Marshall

It’s a question asked by Wyoming men’s basketball fans almost on a daily basis.

Why isn’t Morris Marshall playing more?

Morris Marshall

Morris Marshall

The junior guard from Santa Fe Junior College in Florida was expected to give UW a scoring boost, and a some size at the two-guard at 6-foot-4.

However, Marshall has dealt with a groin injury in the fall, as well as concussion issues as the season approached. He’s played in only four games this season, with his most extensive playing time coming against Southern on Dec.10 where he logged seven minutes off the bench and scored three points.

“I think he’s coming along great physically,” UW coach Larry Shyatt said. “It’s one of those things. For him to break into the lineup or get significant minutes would mean one or two of our perimeter players we’re plaing now removed from significant minutes. As staff, we haven’t seen that being necessary at this point.

“Every team has a couple of people — for one reason or another — that just has’t broken into that first tier. That’s where Mo is. I think he’s handled it great. I try to remind the team that when they want more, think of Mo. I think he would like some, if not more. It just hasn’t been in the cards up to this point. It has nothing to do with him being ugly. It has to do with those guys getting significant minutes, who are all young players, and playing pretty well right now.”

Some of those guys include sophomore guards Trey Washington III, Alexander Aka Gorski and Jeremy Lieberman, who all have started games this season.

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6 thoughts on “Shyatt talks about lack of playing time for Marshall

  1. hoe can he not show more athletecism and offensive prowess than Lieberman? I think Liebs hustles and tries hard, but his only play is a 3 ball that’s not been falling all season long. At least Mo can drive and make plays at the rim.

    I believe in Shy, but if Mo isn’t going to play, we could have saved the scholarship for next year rather than wasting it on a bench warmer.

    • Totally agree, Kyle. Mo has to be better than Lieberman and Washington. We need more out of our guards.

      • Mo is bigger and stronger, and from what I have seen a better shooter who can create his own shot. With his size it only makes since to let him guard the bigger 2’s and smaller 3’s in the league which I’m not sure the Trey and Lieberman can do. He is more athletic than most of the players on the team.

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