Favorite Easter candy among UW football players

Happy Easter everyone.

This day has a much deeper and significant meaning than candy, but to have some fun, I asked a few of the Wyoming football players what they’re favorite Easter candy is.

Senior linebacker Lucas Wacha: Reese’s peanut butter eggs

Senior defensive end Trevor Meader: Reese’s peanut butter bunny

Sophomore defensive end Kevin Prosser: Sour patches. I am not into chocolate much.

Sophomore defensive end Carl Grandson: Sour patches or sour Skittles

Senior running back Shaun Wick: Cadbury eggs

Senior tight end Jacob Hollister: Cadbury eggs

Me: Gotta go with Reese’s peanut butter eggs or bunnies. It doesn’t matter what it is or what the season is, Reese’s peanut is my go-to candy.

What about you? Let me know your favorite Easter candy, and also have a very Happy Easter.

For those of you who want some more football, here are some highlights I shot from the early portions of Saturday’s practice and my post-practice interview with coach Craig Bohl.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Easter candy among UW football players

  1. Malted Milk eggs — their shape reminds me of footballs. Happy Easter to you, Robert.

    • Good one. Thanks for the comment and your interest. Happy Easter to you as well.


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