UW at Nebraska postgame thoughts

Through three quarters it was a game.

Wyoming trailed 24-17 at Nebraska after three quarters and early into the fourth. But then the turnovers came and Nebraska took advantage in a 52-17 drubbing.

Even though the Cowboys were in the game at 24-17, it almost felt like they were hanging on by a thread — at least it did to me. Credit UW for hanging in there, but as third-year coach Craig Bohl said, football games are 60 minutes.

Here is more from Bohl after the game.

One has to wonder how redshirt sophomore starting quarterback Josh Allen will respond. He threw five interceptions and was credited for losing a fumble after a pass in the flat to junior running back Brian Hill was thrown behind the line of scrimmage, and Hill couldn’t handle it.

Before that awful fourth quarter, Allen made some nice throws. The touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Tanner Gentry on a fourth down play right before halftime was really nice — by both players.

Here is Allen after the game.

UW’s defense gave up 550 yards, and too many big plays. Nebraska had six plays of 28 yards or more — all on pass plays. Credit the Cornhuskers, but the Cowboys have to figure out how to not allow so many big plays — especially in space to good athletes.

It was discouraging to see true freshman kicker Cooper Rothe miss his first two field goals of the game from 46 and 42 yards in the first half. He bounced back for a 27-yarder in the third quarter. Rothe is 3 of 7 on field goals this season, which isn’t good. However, his three field goals is one more than UW made all of last season. UW doesn’t have a whole lot of options besides Rothe, so look for it to stick with him.

As a fan, are you more encouraged by what you saw from the first three quarters from UW, or more discouraged by the fourth quarter and the loss overall? I am mixed. Teams will face adversity throughout a game, but UW responded poorly — to say the least — in this case. Granted, that isn’t the first time a team has gone into Nebraska and had that happen. Still, I think we will see a lot of what the Cowboys are┬ámade of this week against UC Davis at home.

Sophomore free safety Andrew Wingard talked about this after the Nebraska game.

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2 thoughts on “UW at Nebraska postgame thoughts

  1. Hey Robert, seriously decent performance for three quarters. The wall came tumbling down on that Mulhardt bobble, all the mojo was sucked out of the team and miscues resonated for the rest of the ball game. I thought that 1st Westercamp catch was a Offensive PI, clearly he held off our DB- straight armed and made a cradle catch for the ball. The glaring thing that Bohl points out is we need to be able to run the ball, and that wasn’t part of the success we experienced in this game. Conway was the producer on a couple mis-direction plays, and Vigen needed to find a mix that took pressure off Josh. We did lose composure in the 4th, and Bohl will recognize that on the tape. All in all, for a young club in a big 10 stadium the pressure was a little much for us in this one.

  2. The cornhuskers had a defensive line that was bigger, faster, and deep. Our offensive line surprisingly did a good job. Conway’s excellent running was in part due to a Nebraska who said you are not coming up the middle nor will your quarterback option work. Too bad they couldn’t get Hill in space one on one. Not to take anything away from the Pokes Nebraska self destructed with penalties in the first half. Forget the loss the cowboys showed vast improvement in playing the game of football over previous years. Our kicker is going to be fine. A true freshman in his second game in a big ten full house-come on what did you expect.

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