UW sports live chat replay

Here’s the replay of my┬álive chat on University of Wyoming sports on Thursday, Jan. 26.

A lot of UW men’s basketball talk as the Cowboys held on for a 66-65 home win Wednesday against UNLV, as well as a look-ahead to Saturday’s home game with Boise State.

There also was some football talk as UW is less than a week away from signing day.

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  1. Part of Jason’s lack of scoring is the success of the rest of the team. Players going to the hoop are now finishing, big men are not looking to the corner as often instead going up with the rebound. When he doesn’t start off fast other players feel confident to step up. When they dish off to him as part of the offensive flow he is not going to be as open. If he pushes the shot there is great chance of missing. His role is changing.. All that said his presence on the court provides greater involvement for everyone on the court. The number on minutes he plays is a game by game call. Fortunately by a on top of it coach

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