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Here’s the replay of my weekly live chat on University of Wyoming sports on Thursday, Nov. 30.

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4 thoughts on “UW sports live chat replay

  1. RG: Question, way early but; based on the way WY is finishing the season and probably no Josh Allen in 2018, were do you as the media pick WY in the Mountain Division in 2018? Don’t think the 2018 recruiting class can turn the Offense on a dime.

    • My guess would be any where from 4th to 6th.
      Boise and Colorado State will be 1-2. Air Force returns a lot of guys and Utah State does as well. New Mexico could be on a downward trend.
      Wyoming will return a very good defense, as well on offense minus Allen, and that cause most of the media to pick them 5th or 6th.
      Not saying that’s how I would vote, but that’s how I think it will go down.


  2. Robert, I also have a have a question about 2018 as well:

    Is there any early consensus on the quality of the 2018 recruiting class?

    Bohl and the staff probably have the nations hardest recruiting job in that Wyoming is not in any big media area, it’s the smallest state in population, and the climate is a challenge. However the state is totally dedicated to the success of the Cowboys with excellent training facilities in the new HAPC, and the fans are the hardiest and most rabid in the West.
    Coach Bohl’s commitment is to stay in the top tier of the Mountain West. Can they attract higher star rated players to compete with the talent at Boise, CSU, SDSU ?

    Tough question, sorry to put you on the spot, but you are the expert.

    • That’s a great question, but also tough to answer.

      There is no doubt the updated facilities and the new HAPC will help Wyoming and coach Bohl’s mission. Looking back at my recruiting tracker for 2018 at wyosports.net I see that several offers were made to three and four-star guys, but I really don’t think this staff is overly concerned about star ratings. They are more concerned about the guys that fit what they’re doing … and guys they can develop (i.e. guys like Granderson, Wilson, Wingard, etc.). Don’t mistake that for meaning the recruits UW has committed or are after aren’t good players, but the star ratings stuff don’t play a huge factor.

      Time will tell once the HAPC is up and running in what that will mean. But I also will say this: Last year’s class has had a fairly significant impact early on, maybe more than the coaches expected and in some cases, more than it had planned on. But I was told last year by Bohl that the majority of the guys UW signed were the guys at the top of their recruiting board, meaning those are the guys they wanted. That is a good sign for any program no matter the star ratings by their names. It will be interesting to see how all that plays out in this class, and in future classes.

      Hope that answered your questions. I appreciate your interest and feedback … and the kind words.

      Take care,


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