Robert Gagliardi is the sports editor of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. He has been covering University of Wyoming sports for more than a decade and the Mountain West Conference since the league began in 1999.

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  1. Last year I asked how fast is Herron’s 40. You responded you would ask the coaches. Well, I still don’t know, do you?

  2. Sir, I would like any pictures you have of University of Wyoming tight end T. J. Smith. I was not able to view the interview you posted. There was no arrow or link to connect to. If you other information/link about that interview, please let me know.
    Thank you!

  3. Great to be able to stay in the loop on Cowboy Football and all other UW sports from anywhere in the Country. Thanks for bringing this to us Mr. Gagliardi! Awesome in depth coverage!

  4. Have you heard Coach Christensen talk about the practice sound system and if it’s helped the team in any way? I looked back at your previous articles to see if you had posted anything about it but I couldn’t find anything. Thanks RG for covering Cowboy football!

    • I don’t know if its helped a great deal but the new system it has is better than what it had. It also electroniclly has the practice plan and helps the overall organization of practice.


  5. Just a suggestion, but I would use a pic other than one of a Cowboy tackling a Cowboy on the front page.
    I live in Loboland and appreciate having access to Cowboy news and views on the blog.

  6. Thanks for reading. Is there any solid news on which bowl game the Cowboys will play in and what is the best way to book the reservations?

    • No word on which bowl yet. Will know next week. You can go to Wyomingathletics.com and put in an order request now to get the process started.


  7. What do you think the future holds for Dave Christensen? After the last few games it seems as if there is a complete lack of the basics from the team. Still watch the games to the games to the very end; just heartbreaking to watch all the way from Washington state.

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