Good news for UW men’s hoops

Fans care mostly about wins, but this is an important aspect of the Wyoming men’s basketball program that needed to improve, and it has.

The University of Wyoming Cowboy basketball team and head coach Heath Schroyer were recently recognized by for the positive improvement they have made over the past three seasons with their Academic Progress Rate (APR). 

            In fact, Schroyer is ranked No. 3 among all NCAA Division I coaches for the Cowboys’ APR improvements over the past three seasons.              Eac academic year, the NCAA calculates a team’s APR.  Each team’s APR is based on eligibility, retention and graduation of each student-athlete receiving an athletic scholarship.             “First and foremost, this honor is a tribute to the young men in the Cowboy basketball program who have made a serious commitment to being student-athletes,” UW Director of Athletics Tom Burman said.  “Secondly, this is a job well done by coach Schroyer and his staff for recruiting young men who value academics, and putting them in a system where they can succeed.”            “I am really proud of all of our guys and my staff for their hard work and commitment to academics,” Schroyer said.  “This honor is a testament to a lot of hard work by many people.  I am excited about the academic culture we have established within our program.”             Since APR scores are released a season behind the current one, the improvements made by the Cowboys began with the 2005-06 season and went through 2008-09.  Schroyer became the head coach of the Cowboys on March 23, 2007, and the 2007-08 season was his first as the Pokes’ head coach.            The Cowboys have improved their single-year APR score 167 points, from a 771 for the 2005-06 season to a 938 for the 2008-09 season.  ’s rankings are not simply a list of the coaches with the top APR scores in the country, but rather rank the coaches’ overall improvements during the last three academic years.  Overall improvement was measured by subtracting the 2005-06 APR score from the 2008-09 total, even if the first score was inherited from another coaching staff.  In order to qualify for the rankings, a coach must have been with his current school during the 2007-08 season.

The author of the story, Jason Belzer, also gave Schroyer special accolades in closing his article, calling UW’s 167-point increase over two years “positively amazing”.

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