My AP top 25 college football poll

I was asked to be a voter in The Associated Press College Football Poll this year, and I’ve done so many times in the past. I also voted in the Harris Poll, which was the human element in the old Bowl Championship Series format of figuring out a national champion.

Here is how I voted in this week’s poll, which wasn’t easy to come by based on a crazy and exciting opening weekend.

My poll                                                   Real poll

1. Alabama                                            1. Alabama

2. Clemson                                            2. Clemson
3. Florida State                                      3. Florida State
4. Ohio State                                         4. Ohio State
5. Michigan                                           5. Michigan
6. Stanford                                            6. Houston
7. Houston                                           7. Stanford
8. Tennessee                                        8. Washington
9. Michigan State                                  9. Georgia
10. TCU                                              10. Wisconsin

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