UW at Utah State football preview: Notes, quotes and video

No sense in breaking the pattern — here is my No. 1 key for Wyoming for its game Friday night at Utah State:

Nick Smith

Nick Smith

Help Smith succeed: Redshirt freshman quarterback Nick Smith will make his first-career start. Smith started the season as Wyoming’s No. 3 quarterback, but has been the No. 2 guy since the second game of the season. He’s had mixed results in two games. He still has some development in front of him as a passer, but he can run the ball. The Cowboys’ coaches have to have a plan for him to succeed both running and throwing. Don’t look for UW to change its offense, but it must have some wrinkles to work on Smith’s strengths. Smith will need to throw the ball, but they must be throws he can make.

Yes, no or am I out of my mind?

Now for my video preview of the game:

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UW-Utah State add traveling trophy/rifle

Here is the rifle the Wyoming and Utah State teams will be playing for each year.

Here is the rifle the Wyoming and Utah State teams will be playing for each year.

Wyoming and Utah State announced Monday that they are adding something special as the two schools renew their football rivalry Saturday in Logan, Utah.

Dubbed as “Bridger’s Battle” the winner of the game will receive a .50-caliber rifle and the score of each game will be etched in the maple stock of the rifle.

The rifle was popular among mountain men of the 1800s, and was considered to be the rifle used by the legendary mountain man Jim Bridger, who spend the majority of his life in what is now Utah and Wyoming.

The two teams will play for the 74th time Saturday in Logan, Utah. UW trails the series 35-24-4 and 24-10-1 in Logan. The two teams have played only five times since 2001, but the first game in the series was played in 1903.

Bridger Battle logo