College Football News ranks UW No. 93 came out with its rankings of the nation’s 124 Football Bowl Subdivsion teams in 2012.

Surprisingly, it had Wyoming No. 93. Here’s what it said about the Cowboys:

93. Wyoming  (2011 Record: 8-5, 2012 Roughly Projected Record: 5-7) 

Wyoming always seems to regress to the mean following a stunning, out-of-the-blue season. Quarterback Brett Smith is coming off a breakout season, but he can’t play defense. The Cowboy line couldn’t stop anyone’s running game, and it’s not going to be any closer to becoming a rock this year. That’ll be a big, big problem with Texas, Nevada, Air Force, Fresno State, and Boise State all on the schedule before November. Things ease up a bit late, but the midsection could be just rough enough to keep the program from getting back to a bowl game.

Thoughts, opinions on this? I thought the ranking was low, but I see the point it makes with the defense. I thought the unit made improvements in the spring, but it has to show it on the field.

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