UW-Idaho what they are saying

WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi put together some quotes from players, coaches and fans after Wyoming’s 42-10 home-opening win over Idaho Saturday in Laramie.

— “Let’s hope the intensity is high today. We need the energy we had last week. If we do, the Pokes will put on a show. If not, this may be closer than we want.” — via Kdwright from UW-Idaho live chat.

— I remember when UW yanked the scholarship offer from Lucas Wacha. I’m glad he was able to forgive and forget and sign with the Pokes.” — via adsfjkl from UW-Idaho live chat. Wacha, a redshirt freshman linebacker, had a career-high 11 tackles.

— “Field looks in great in HD. The brown an gold is poppin.” via Chad from UW-Idaho live chat.

— “Best kept secret is Tedder!” — via Elaine from UW-Idaho live chat on senior running back Tedder Easton on his first-ever rushing touchdown in the second quarter.

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