Ebbesen getting support from two different family dynamics

Du’Ryan Ebbesen is from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but has called Wyoming home for more than five years.

Ebbesen is a walk-on senior center for the Wyoming football team, and also a graduate of Cheyenne Central High. As a quick refresher, here is the story I wrote on Ebbesen during spring drills in late March.


Du'Ryan Ebbesen

Du’Ryan Ebbesen

A lot of Ebbesen’s motivation is for his family back in the Virgin Islands, but also for his adoptive family back in Cheyenne.

“The support and feedback from everyone in Cheyenne is great,” Ebbesen said. “May guardians, Tim and Bonnie Woodard, along with Jason Woodard, are happy I’m finally getting a shot. They told me to go to center when I first got to Wyoming. I was a little stubborn, but looks like they were right.”

Not only does Ebbesen feel the support from Cheyenne, but also in Laramie and throughout Wyoming. He may be from the Virgin Islands, but many know he graduated from high school in Wyoming — and you know how UW fans take to seeing one of their in-state kids do well in athletics.

“It’s a big deal to be on this team, and a great pleasure to be here and play for these die-hard fans,” Ebbesen added.

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UW fall camp — Day 5

Wyoming had its first practice of fall camp in full pads Friday, and third-year coach Craig Bohl liked what he saw — especially from the offense.

Here’s what he said after practice.

If you listened to the entire video you heard Bohl talk about some “soft tissue” issues for UW senior wide receiver Tanner Gentry and sophomore free safety Andrew Wingard. Both have hamstring strains, as does junior cornerback Robert Priester. All three injuries don’t appear to be serious, but hamstrings can be tricky injuries to come back from. UW is being cautious with those three guys. While any kind of injuries are never good, at least through five days of camp UW hasn’t had to deal with any concussions or season-ending injuries.

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AP College Football Poll: How I voted

Another week, another major shake-up in The Associated Press top 25. Here’s how I voted and how the official poll turned out on Sunday, Nov. 29:

My poll                                                  Official poll

1. Clemson                                            1. Clemson

2. Alabama                                            2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma                                         3. Oklahoma
4. Iowa                                                 4. Iowa
5. Michigan State                                 5. Michigan State
6. Stanford                                           6. Ohio State
7. Ohio State                                        7. Stanford
8. North Carolina                                  8. North Carolina
9. Florida State                                     9. Notre Dame
10. Notre Dame                                   10. Florida State
11. Northwestern                                 11. TCU
12. Oregon                                           12. Baylor
13. TCU                                               13. Northwestern
14. Baylor                                             14. Oklahoma State
15. Michigan                                        15. Oregon
16. Mississippi                                      16. Mississippi
17. Houston                                          17. Houston
18. Oklahoma State                              18. Florida
19. Florida                                             19. Michigan
20. Temple                                            20. Temple
21. Wisconsin                                       21. Utah
22. Utah                                                22. Navy
23. Navy                                               23. LSU
24. LSU                                                24. USC
25. San Diego State                             25. Wisconsin

AP College Football Poll: How I voted

More shake-up in college football this past week. Here’s is how I voted in The Associated Press poll compared to the official one that came out Sunday afternoon:

My poll                                                  Official poll

1. Clemson                                            1. Clemson

2. Alabama                                            2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma                                          3. Iowa
4. Notre Dame                                       4. Notre Dame
5. Michigan State                                  5. Oklahoma
6. Baylor                                               6. Michigan State
7. Iowa                                                 7. Baylor
8. Ohio State                                        8. Ohio State
9. Michigan                                           9. Oklahoma State
10. North Carolina                               10. Florida
11. Oklahoma State                             11. North Carolina
12. Florida State                                  12. Michigan
13. Florida                                           13. Stanford
14. Stanford                                        14. Florida State
15. Navy                                             15. TCU
16. Northwestern                                16. Navy
17. TCU                                              17. Northwestern
18. Oregon                                         18. Oregon
19. Mississippi                                    19. Mississippi
20. Washington State                         20. Washington State
21. Mississippi State                           21. Houston
22. UCLA                                            22. UCLA
23. Toledo                                          23. Mississippi State
24. Houston                                       24. Toledo
25. Temple                                         25. Temple

AP College Football Poll: How I voted

A lot of changes in The Associated Press top 25 college football poll this week. Here’s my poll compared to the official one that was released on Sunday, Nov. 15

My poll                                        Real poll

1. Clemson                                  1. Clemson

2. Alabama                                  2. Ohio State
3. Ohio State                               3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma                                4. Oklahoma State
5. Notre Dame                             5. Notre Dame
6. Oklahoma State                      6. Iowa
7. Iowa                                        7.Oklahoma
8. Michigan State                        8. Florida
9. Michigan                                 9. Michigan State
10. Baylor                                   10. Baylor
11. TCU                                      11. TCU
12. Florida                                  12. North Carolina
13. North Carolina                      13. Houston
14. Houston                               14. Michigan
15. Florida State                         15. Stanford
16. Stanford                               16. Florida State
17. Navy                                    17. LSU
18. Northwestern                       18. Utah
19. LSU                                     19. Navy
20. Wisconsin                            20. Northwestern
21. USC                                    21. Wisconsin
22. Utah                                    22. USC
23. Oregon                               23. Oregon
24. Washington State               24. Washington State
25. Arkansas                            25. Mississippi

AP College Football Poll: How I voted and the real one

Here is the latest Associated Press Top 25 College Football Poll. Included is how I voted this week compared to the official one released Sunday afternoon.

I took a lot more stock in USC beating previously No. 3 Utah than most of the other voters did.

My poll                                          Real poll

1. Ohio State                                 1. Ohio State

2. Baylor                                        2. Baylor
3. TCU                                           3. Clemson
4. Clemson                                    4. LSU
5. LSU                                           5. TCU
6. Michigan State                          6. Michigan State
7. Alabama                                    7. Alabama
8. Stanford                                     8. Stanford
9. Notre Dame                               9. Notre Dame
10. Iowa                                        10. Iowa
11. Oklahoma State                       11. Florida
12. Oklahoma                                12. Oklahoma State
13. Utah                                         13. Utah
14. Michigan                                  14. Oklahoma
15. Florida State                             15. Michigan
16. Mississippi                                16. Memphis
17. Florida                                      17. Florida State
18. Memphis                                  18. Houston
19. Houston                                   19. Mississippi
20. Toledo                                      20. Toledo
21. Temple                                     21. Temple
22. USC                                         22. Duke
23. Pittsburgh                                23. Pittsburgh
24. Mississippi State                      24. UCLA
25. UCLA                                      25. Mississippi State

Comparing my AP preseason college football poll to the official one released Sunday

The Associated Press released its preseason top 25 college football poll Sunday.

I was asked to be a voter this year, so throughout the season I will share my poll with you. I have been an AP  poll voter in the past, but prior to the College Football Playoff I voted in the Harris Poll, which was a part of the Bowl Championship Series process.

First, here is the link to the official poll:

Here’s how I voted:

1. Ohio State

2. TCU
3. Alabama
4. Baylor
5. Auburn
6. Michigan State
7. Oregon
8. Florida State
9. Georgia
10. Clemson
11. USC
12. UCLA
13. LSU
14. Notre Dame
15. Georgia Tech
16. Oklahoma
17. Arkansas
18. Arizona State
19. Wisconsin
20. Ole Miss
21. Stanford
22. Boise State
23. Missouri
24. Arizona
25. Texas A&M

MW football notebook – Week 2

Here are news and notes from all 12 Mountain West football team compiled by the beat writers who cover each squad.

Look for this feature every Tuesday on this blog, and at wyosports.net.



For the second consecutive week, Air Force will be breaking in a first-time starter at quarterback.

Kale Pearson injured the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee just two quarters into his starting debut in a 38-13 victory over Colgate and likely will miss “a while,” according to coach Troy Calhoun.

The Falcons will turn to sophomore Jaleel Awini, a native of nearby Aurora, Colo., who had battled Pearson for the position through the spring and fall. Awini threw just three times against Colgate, completing two passes for 26 yards. He lost 18 yards on a sack, leading to a line of minus-3 yards rushing.

At 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, the strong-armed Awini is significantly taller than Pearson.

“He’s a good leader,” receiver Ty MacArthur said. “I think he’ll assimilate fine into the starting position. We’re all pumped up for him.”

Sophomore Karson Roberts slides into the backup spot behind Awini.

Next game: vs. Utah State, 1:30 p.m. MT Saturday (CBS Sports Network)

Notable: Aside from Pearson, Air Force emerged from the opener without a significant injury. … This week’s opposing quarterback, Utah State’s Chuckie Keeton, decommitted after initially deciding to attend Air Force. … The Falcons trailed Colgate 7-0 after the first quarter before scoring 38 straight points.

–Brent Briggeman, The Gazette (Colorado Springs)

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NCAA releases latest graduation success rates for student-athletes

The NCAA released its latest round of Federal Graduation Rate and Graduation Success Rate measures Thursday.

The FGR is produced by the university and measures what percent of students graduates within a six-year span. This year’s FGR figures concern the 2005-06 freshman class.

The GSR factors in athletes who transfer from a program — and doesn’t penalize a school if it’s in good academic standing — as well as ones who transfer into the program. This year’s GSR rates measure freshmen who entered school from 2002-03 to 2005-06.

Overall, the student-athlete graduation success rate is 80 percent.

Wyoming football’s FGR increased for the second straight year and three of the last four. Its GSR was 63 — down from 64 the previous year but that percentage was in the 50s from 2001-03.

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