Favorite Border War moment

Hard to put this on the blog as a poll question, but I want to hear your favorite moment or memory from the Wyoming-Colorado State Border War series.

I know there’s a lot of them out there, whether you’re in your 70s or in your teens.

I am going to cheat a little bit and give you two:

1. The 1998 game in Fort Collins. It was a night game and at the start of the second half, the fog blew in over Hughes Stadium. That didn’t stop UW as it won 27-19 — the only win over CSU in coach Dana Dimel’s three years.

2. The 1996 game in Fort Collins and “The Drive” led by quarterback Josh Wallwork deep in CSU territory and capped by a Marques Brigham touchdown run to give UW a 25-24 win. The game was snowy and cold. The only reason I didn’t put this one first is I wasn’t there. I was working in the office that day.