UW-Michigan State postgame thoughts

The score indicated Wyoming got beat by 42 points — not sure if it was that close.

The Cowboys lost 56-14 at No. 9 Michigan State Saturday at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan. The Spartans scored touchdowns on their first offensive possessions.

UW had no answer for Michigan State’s offense — running or passing. The Cowboys’ offense — aside from a few big plays — did nothing against the Spartans’ defense.

UW had a season-low 286 yards. Most of those plays came on four plays: 57-yard touchdown run by junior running back Shaun Wick in the first quarter, a 26-yard run by Wick later in that quarter, a 52-yard pass from senior quarterback Colby Kirkegaard to senior receiver Jalen Claiborne late in the second quarter and a 41-yard pass from Kirkegaard to sophomore receiver Tanner Gentry — also in the second quarter.

That’s 176 yards on those four plays — 110 the rest of the game.

There were three turnovers that resulted in 14 Michigan State points. Kirkegaard was sacked six times.

Defensively, UW allowed 338 yards rushing and 195 passing. Michigan State didn’t have to pass much, and three quarterbacks played. Still, the Spartans were 16 of 20 through the air.

There were a lot of missed tackles for UW — more this game than we’ve seen so far this season. Hope that isn’t a sign of things to come.

Here is first-year coach Craig Bohl after the game:

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UW-Michigan State football live chat replay

Here’s the replay of WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliard’si live chat from the Wyoming-Michigan State football game on Saturday, Sept. 27.

Wyoming lost 56-14 to No. 9 Michigan State to all to 3-2 overall. Its next game is at Hawaii on Oct. 11.

Live Blog Wyoming at Michigan State football live chat

UW-Michigan State key to the game; other news, notes and quotes

Here is WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi’s top key to the game for the Wyoming Cowboys in their game today at No. 9 Michigan State, which kicks off at 10 a.m. MT today at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan.

Man to man: Michigan State plays a lot of tight, man-to-man coverage in the secondary. It will be critical for Wyoming for its receivers to fight through that and get open, whether it be for a short gain or a big play. If the Cowboys can, that should open up both its running and passing game. If they are forced to be one-dimensional, they don’t stand much of a chance.

Do you agree, disagree or think Gagliardi is completely off his rocker?

Here is Gagliardi and WyoSports editor Scott Nulph previewing today’s game with Michigan State:

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UW sports live chat replay – Thursday, Sept. 25

Here’s the replay of WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi’s weekly live chat on University of Wyoming sports on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Some great questions, comments and participation today on UW football and men’s basketball.

Join Gagliardi for his live chat for the Wyoming-Michigan State football game starting at 9:45 a.m. MT. Gagliardi will be at the game in East Lansing, Michigan.

Live Blog University of Wyoming sports live chat

UW-Michigan State Q&A

WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi did a question-and-answer session with Graham Couch, sports columnist for the Lansing State Journal in Michigan about Saturday’s Michigan State-Wyoming game in East Lansing, Michigan.

Follow on Twitter: @Graham_Couch

Look for Q&As with beat writers that cover UW football opponents every week throughout the season.

Michigan State bounced back well from its 46-27 loss at No. 2 Oregon with a 73-14 win over Eastern Michigan. Was that a good indicator that all is well with the Spartans, or did that game prove anything as far as that goes?

I don’t think much can be taken from the win over Eastern Michigan, other than the Spartans handled the game with focus and maturity. Eastern Michigan was simply awful, even by the Eagles’ standards. But I also don’t think the loss to Oregon meant anything was wrong with MSU, other than getting beaten by an outstanding quarterback on the road, and have a few breakdowns defensively. MSU, for a stretch of 20 minutes or so (second quarter through the middle of the third), dominated the Ducks. That game was a real blown opportunity, more than a certain sign of issues.

Do the players and coaches feel they are still in the hunt for a spot in the four-team playoff this season, or is there much talk about that? In your opinion, do the Spartans have a shot based on what’s happened in the Big Ten early this season?

I think they believe they do, and they should. There’s a long way to go, and a lot of chaos to play out, including on MSU’s schedule. I still don’t expect the Spartans to go unbeaten the rest of the way. It’s tough to do, and road games at Indiana, Maryland and Penn State could be tricky, as could home dates with Nebraska and Ohio State. But if MSU survives and wins the Big Ten championship game, it deserves a shot. Whether it gets it is up to what happens in the ACC and Big 12, too, I think, though the ACC is proving no better than the Big Ten right now.

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VIDEO: WyoSports previews UW-Michigan State football

WyoSports senior editor Robert Gagliardi and editor Scott Nulph preview the University of Wyoming’s football game at No. 9 Michigan State Saturday, and also looks back at the Cowboys’ 20-19 win over Florida Atlantic last week.

The 3-1 Cowboys and 2-1 Spartans kick off at 10 a.m. MT on Saturday, and the game will be televised on ESPN2.

For more UW sports coverage, see the Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang, and check back to wyosports.net.

Wyoming and Michigan St. football: Similar greatness, turmoil and legacy

Kevin Thomas is a published author and long-time Wyoming and Michigan State sports fan. Thomas lives in Burton, Michigan. Thomas’ cousin, Tom Frazier, was a captain on Wyoming’s 1966 Sun Bowl team.

Thomas wrote this piece, which is long, on the history of UW and Michigan State athletics and some of the similar paths both have taken. Thomas said Tom Frazier provided information to Thomas to assist in his research of the story.

For you UW sports historians, this should be a good read:


At first glance, you may think Michigan State and Wyoming have nothing in common, especially in football, but a closer look reveals they share a similar history. Let me explain this mystery.

Like most Spartan football fans, I love when the Spartans take on the Wolverines, Buckeyes, and the Cornhuskers. However, unlike most green and white fans, the Wyoming Cowboys will always hold a special place in my heart. You see, it’s not just because my cousin, Tom Frazier, was a local Michigan high school player that went on to captain the 1966 Wyoming Sun Bowl team, or that his brother Jeff also played for the Cowboys. It’s also for another reason, and that is because of the impact the state of Michigan and Michigan State itself has played in the development of Wyoming football that local fans should be both proud of and aware of.

In the 1950’s, Biggie Munn was dominating college football with his unique multiple offensive schemes at MSU in a fashion that even left some professional coaches in awe.  Learning under Biggie’s tutelage for four years from 1953-1956 was an assistant coach who was born in Saginaw, Michigan and who had graduated from Alma College — Bob Devaney. Yes, that Bob Devaney that went on to win national championships at Nebraska.

However, before heading to the Cornhuskers, he coach at Wyoming from 1957 to 1961 and used Biggie’s principles to build a 35-10-5 record. Ironically, he almost never made it to Wyoming.

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