UW-Colorado State pregame news and notes

The big news of the day came about nine hours before the game when senior guard Luke Martinez pleaded not guilty to a felony aggravated assault and battery charge Wednesday morning in district court in Laramie.

A trial is set for Aug. 26-28, and Martinez is still suspended indefinitely from the team.

What was surprising was what Martinez’s attorney, Tom Fleener said to the media after the hearing.

“Luke’s the victim here,” Fleener said. “He’s lost his college basketball career. He wasn’t the aggressor that night. It was a bar fight in a college town and no weapons were used. While the injuries were certainly unfortunate, Luke’s the one that truly suffered today.”

According to an affidavit, a multiple witnesses reported to police that Martinez kicked a limp and unconscious man, Parfait Nayigihugu, in the face.

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