Shyatt shows sense of humor

Wyoming men’s basketball coach Larry Shyatt is as serious as the next guy when he’s coaching his players, whether it’s in practice or in a game.

But he also has a great sense of humor, and that was on display during his teleconference with the media Thursday.

Over the last few weeks, Shyatt has talked about adding more to UW’s offense over the holiday break leading up to conference play. He said last week some new wrinkles have been added, but probably more on defense.

He then said this: “We may add a touch here and there offensively, but we’re so gifted offensively that I didn’t think we had to touch much.”

He was kidding, of course, as UW shoots about 47 percent per game, including 33 percent from 3-point range and averages 66.8 points per game.

When you’re 13-2, it’s probably easier to have a sense of humor about that.

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Shyatt, Cowboys focused on themselves

Wyoming men’s basketball coach Larry Shyatt said Friday he and his staff have focused more on what UW does well and needs to improve on than introducing a lot of new offensive and defensive sets since the players returned to Laramie from a few days off after their 80-56 win at Idaho State Dec. 22.

Shyatt met with frontcourt and backcourt players to go over their strength and weaknesses, and what they need to do to get better at the weaknesses. Shyatt feels this is a good time to do it as UW’s next two games are against teams its already played. The Cowboys are at Utah Valley Tuesday, a team they beat 74-41 in Laramie Nov. 30. The rematch with Idaho State is Jan. 9.

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