Wyoming’s Media Monday

The big news from Monday’s interview session with Wyoming football players and coaches was some of the changes made on defense following last Saturday’s 63-19 loss at Utah State.

Senior Gabe Knapton will move from defensive tackle back to defensive end, where he played last season. I like that move. Despite his tenacity and want-to, Knapton is just too small at 6-3, 263 to play DT.

Junior Korey Jones will move from defensive end/outside linebacker to middle linebacker. He will compete with sophomore Devyn Harris for the starting job. Again, at 6-2, 225 I think Jones is undersized to play DE. Another good move. Jones played linebacker in the spring before UW made the switch in fall camp.

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UW-Utah State leftovers

Here are some quotes that didn’t make the newspaper this week heading into today’s Wyoming-Utah State game:

–“We know we have good backs, but when you see another team with good backs, it could be a battle of the backs. If it has to be a battle of the backs, so be it.” — UW junior running back Alvester Alexander

–“We always work on tackling. We’ve definitely go to get our tackles down and stop them on first contact.” — UW junior defensive tackle Mike Purcell

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UW-Utah State key to the game

My No. 1 key for the Wyoming football team to have success Saturday at Utah State.

Tackle, tackle, tackle: UW can’t miss a lot of tackles against Utah State’s powerful running game that averages 307.5 yards per game. Junior Robert Turbin is a beast, and there are others that aren’t bad, either. Missed tackles against the Aggies mean big plays, and a long night for the Cowboys.

What do you think? For my other four keys/things to watch, see Saturday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang.

More from Bouknight

Here’s some leftover quotes from former Wyoming receiver/return specialist Jovon Bouknight — now the receivers coach at Utah State — that didn’t make my story in today’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang.

“We joke about it, but for the most part this is a very important game for us regardless of who is coming in this week. We’ve got to get a win under our belt. We’re going to be hungry regardless of whoever was coming in. It just happens to be the good ole Cowboys coming in.”

“(Becoming a coach) has been a journey that’s happened real fast. I’m blessed to be in this position, and have met and worked with some great guys along the way. I love being a wide receivers coach. I was there not too long ago. I kind of understand exactly what they’re going through on and off the field.”

“You’ve got to change a little bit (going from being a player to a coach), but you’ve got to take those situations for what it is. There are times to be more laid back, and times to be more vocal. I believe in going out there and being comfortable, relaxed and focused. That’s the approach I take with my guys.”

Bouknight, now 28, said he doesn’t run routes with his guys, or even to teach them how to run routes. However, he told me sometimes he will play defense against them to “give them a look from time to time.”

Gotta say, it was great to talk to Bouknight again. I don’t go back in terms of history as many UW fans do, but he was one of my favorite Cowboys to watch and cover. If he was a shade faster, he’s probably still in the NFL right now.


UW-Utah State blog swap

I sent Utah State beat writer Wade Denniston of the Logan Herald Journal five questions about Saturday’s Wyoming-Utah State game. Follow him on Twitter: @wdbowler

1. What do you think the emotional state of Utah State is after three tough losses in its first four games?

One would think the Aggies would be down on themselves and what not, but that is not the case. Coach (Gary) Andersen and his staff have done a great job getting them prepared to play week in and week out. The Aggies believe they are on the cusp of turning this thing around and know they are close. This is what senior defensive end Levi Koskan told me this week: “We’re one play away. It’s not like we’re getting unfocused, it’s not like we’re not playing with effort and discipline. We’re just one play away, so what we’ve got to do to get over the hump is keep doing what we’re doing — keep our attitude, keep believing, don’t get pessimistic, don’t despair. It will turn our way. I absolutely believe it. I still absolutely believe 100 percent that we’re going to win the WAC championship and that we’re going to a bowl game and we’re going to win that bowl game. There’s no reason not to believe that we can’t get that accomplished.”

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