5 thoughts on “UW live chat set for today

  1. Rg,
    How many schillies do we have left for this year and do you think Larry will use them this year or move over to next year?

    • I have never heard the term schillies, so I will bite? I assume it’s a scholar athlete. I asked a friend of mine who played 4 years of college ball and he had never heard of it either.

  2. Boy Gigs watched that story on the MTN tonight on Joe LeBlanc, very touching. What a great young man. The day that young man’s career is over at Wyoming the next day put him in the University of Wyoming HOF. We have had and have some pretty dam good Joe’s at Wyoming he’s as good as there ever been.When was the last time we have had a ncaa champion wrestler at Wyoming. Rooting for Joe to go all the way. Coach Branch has done a great job done there time to pay the man what he’s deserves.

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