Thoughts on All-MW men’s hoops team

Here is the link to the All-Mountain West men’s basketball team and other honorees:

I was fortunate to vote on this, and I had four of the five players on both the first and second teams, including UW junior forward Leonard Washington. He’s UW’s highest All-MW pick since senior guard Brandon Ewing made the first team in 2008-09.

I didn’t vote for senior point guard JayDee Luster as theĀ Defensive Player of the Year, but it was well-deserved. When coach Larry Shyatt says he’s the best defender he’s coached in his 40 years on the job, that really says something.

The Player of the Year voting went down the the final few games, and I think San Diego State sophomore Jamaal Franklin’s play down the stretch won it for him. Couldn’t go wrong with New Mexico senior Drew Gordon or UNLV sophomore Mike Moser.Ā Franklin came out of no where this season!

The rest of the voting went about how I had it. Wasn’t sure CSU junior guard Wes Eikmeier would make the First Team, and there were a lot of guys that could have been the Sixth Man.

The job San Diego State coach Steve Fisher did was impressive after losing so much talent of a 34-win team last year. However, SDSU was expected to be good again. … just not this good. Would be curious to see how the Coach of the Year voting went, and how many voted for guys like Shyatt and TCU’s Jim Christian. Their teams weren’t expected to do much, yet had good seasons. Unfortunately, the MW doesn’t release all the voting numbers.

Let me know what you think about this year’s MW honors. I know you have opinions and thoughts! For more UW and MW hoops coverage, see Tuesday’s Wyoming Tribune Eagle and Laramie Boomerang.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on All-MW men’s hoops team

  1. I understand that SDSU lost a good part of a great team, but I don’t agree with Fisher winning. It’s always amazed me that good coaches with good teams with high expectations are recognized for being better than we thought.. “Meeting expectations” shouldn’t be criteria. “Exceeding expectations” should be the only criteria. Anyone who didn’t think SDSU wouldn’t be in the mix for a title this year didn’t watch them sub players last year.

  2. I know this is about the cowgirls but I am really surprised that Kayla Woodward was the freshman of year in the mwc.

    • Don’t believe that Kayla was voted Freshman of the year. The guard from TCU was selected to receive that honor. I thought Kayla had a chance but the other girl had a fabulous year. I am very proud of Kayla, a Sheridan Lady Bronc who had a truly wonderful year. Congratulations to her and the team. They came a long ways baby.

  3. Shyatt will get his over the next few years!! But I don’t agree with this choice, UW had one heck of a turn around, compared to a Sweet 16 team from last year, sure they lost alot but come on. A team that had won 20 games over the last 2 years and have the magical number of 20 wins happen this year…thats true progress. Adam Waddell should have had more consideration for at least 3rd team for all he’s contributed to this program. But the sports writers that make this up must truly hate coming to Laramie in general. UW will truly be a force to reckon with in the near future and after we make noise in this tourney, (hopefully) people will start noticing UW once again!!! GO POKES

  4. Hey Gigs didn’t know where to put this topic ,but see where Kenny Sailors is going to finally make the HOF. Long time over due. I think when we reconstruct the A-A we need to re name the arena and put Kenny’s name on the court. How about Curt Cowdy arena everybody in the sports world has heard of him. Why don’t we retire a few players jersey’s have them hanging from the rafters. Does schools retire players jersey’s and still let other players wear them later. Looks like Duke, North Carolina got them hanging all over, you’d think they’ed run out sometime. CURT COWDY ARENA ON KENNY SAILORS COURT.

    • I agree with you on Sailors. I think his jersey is up in the A-A. Would be nice to name the court or do something, but on the other hand, if UW could get some big-time donation from someone to name the court, arena, etc. I think it will look into that as well. Especially since it’s going to move foward in renovating the arena.


  5. I think what Fisher did with SDSU was pretty special. Seven scholarship players that play, losing everything from last year’s squad, and to share the league title when NM was the overwhelming choice to win the conference…I have no problem with him getting it. What Shyatt did with the Cowboys was great to, so don’t get me wrong, but I have no problem with Fisher getting the award.
    Now go win the tourney Pokes

  6. I live in az and watch the mtn on our cable tv and watched wyo and unlv play last week and would like to know if the cowboys draw a different set of refs for thurs game. There were replays that showed wyo getting called for fouls where they never touched the unlv players. seems like certain refs have something against Washington and won’t allow him to play his game. Your thoughts.

    • Don’t think certain reds have anything against Washington. Just different from game to game.


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