Some Wednesday news and notes

It’s that time of year where postings on the blog slow down, but here are few news and notes:

–I will be at spring football practice today in Laramie, at least the first 30 minutes UW allows us to watch. Today is the first practice in full pads and fourth of 15 overall this spring. Will report back later on any big happenings. The first scrimmage of spring is set for a week from today.

–Unfortunate to see true freshman forward Tyrone Marshall will transfer at the end of the semester from the UW men’s basketball team. It’s not unexpected after a posting on his Twitter account a couple of weeks ago all but indicated he would. Hard to miss someone that didn’t do much this season. Marshall played in just nine games and averaged less than a point and a rebound per game. He was raw and athletic, but a lot of seasoning needed to be done. This leaves coach Larry Shyatt with three scholarships in the spring signing season. He needs to find some size.

–UW hosted a unique event last weekend it dubbed as its “Sun and Fun Cowboy Classic” in Scottdale, Ariz. In the past it was just a golf tournament to raise money for the Cowboy Joe Club. There was that, but UW also had more than 30 former athletes, including Casey Bramlet, Derrick Martin, Mitch Unrein and Chris Prosinski. Would be nice if UW could bring things like this back to Wyoming. The event raised around $10,000 for UW student-athletes.

–Won’t do a live chat Thursday, but will try to do another one after the spring football game on April 21. If the spring game is played outside and I have press box access will live blog that as well. But as always, I welcome your questions and comments and appreciate all the participation on the live chats

4 thoughts on “Some Wednesday news and notes

  1. I read where Shyatt said, “It’s a generation that has to get where they want, quicker,” If he had the talent he would have been playing because the minutes were available for him and Lekan.

    Does Nance Jr. know of any other bigs he can persuade?

    I think with the limited amount of time Shyatt had last year, even with these 2 transfers, he had a decent first class. I think he will bring in some players that can help us immediately that don’t need the silver spoon.

  2. SGT said, “If he had the talent he would have been playing.” Talent and skills are not necessarilly the same thing. Coach Shyatt seems to place an emphasis on playing with skill and on the mental aspects of the game.

    Robert, do you have any indication of who some post prospects might be?

    • No one specifically but Shyatt and Co. has been all over the country recruiting from North Carolina and Georiga to the West Coast.


    • Boyd I couldn’t agree more with your skills vs talent comment. I often wonder what kind of team we would have had this year had the two players, I forget their names, hadn’t transferred after Shyatt was hired, but they were definately high on talent with not much on skills. With this rising generation it’s hard to find those players that aren’t ready to play right away and will put the time in to making it later in their college career.

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