Where UW football ranks among assistant coaches salaries

The USA Today does a great job of creating data bases to compare a lot of financial numbers in college athletics.

Its latest was listing assistant coaches salaries, and what schools spend on assistant salaries, among the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Here is the link to the entire data base:


As for Wyoming, it spent $1,224,315 on salaries forĀ its assistant coaches. The two highest paid coaches are the coordinators — Steve Stanard on defense ($203,375) and Brent Vigen on offense ($203,275).

Here is the pecking order after that, according to the data base:

Curt Mallory, safties/pass game coordinator: $174,000

Scott Fuchs, offensive line: $163,208

Pete Kaligis, defensive tackles: $148,283

AJ Cooper, defensive ends: $103,383

Mike Bath, running backs: $89,308

John Richardson, cornerbacks: $73,283

Gordie Haug, wide receivers/recruiting coordinator: $66,200

The highest paid assistant football coach in the Mountain West: Colorado State’s Will Friend at $500,000 per year. That ranked 80th on this data base in the country.

Here is how UW stacks up for what it pays its assistant coaches to the rest of the MW:

  1. Boise State: $2,129,132
  2. Colorado State: $1,961,482
  3. San Diego State: $1,590,932
  4. Air Force: $1,518,000
  5. UNLV: $1,415,799
  6. Fresno State: $1,391,242
  7. New Mexico: 1,363,070
  8. Nevada: $1,249,500
  9. Wyoming: 1,224,315
  10. Utah State: 1,162,913
  11. San Jose State: 1,073,832
  12. Hawaii: n/a

Three SEC schools: Alabama, Auburn and LSU all had assistant coaching pools of more than $5 million. No shocker there.

What do you think about all this? Anything surprise you? Do you care? Let me know.

7 thoughts on “Where UW football ranks among assistant coaches salaries

  1. My guess is that, with the exception of New Mexico and Hawaii, all head coaches are making MORE than their last job. If we added a million dollars to the salaries we would still be 2 and 10. I would add a 25% bonus for a division champion and an addition 25% for a conference championship. Add 15% for a lower level bowl or 25% for a major bowl or a play off berth. 10% for being in 11 to 25 in the final standings or 25% for being in the top 10% . 50% additional for a national championship. Win the whole thing and the salaries are over 3 million or highest in the league. And of course you would have to renegotiate the contracts.

    • The real story of this list is Utah State. Doing more w/less. Wyo athletic dept always seems do be @ a major disadvantage. Struggling in the arms race to keep facilities current, struggling to keep coaches salaries competitive, struggling w/recruiting budgets, struggling to get matching funds from the state and the list goes on and has for some time. Makes you wonder if the follks directing the athletic department are capable. Having the mindset of “Here’s why we can’t” is a far cry from “Here’s how we can.” Utah State football has been to how many straight bowl games? Inferior coacing salaries & run down facilities seem to be working just fine in Logan.

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