UW football’s biggest gainers

Here are some of the biggest “gains” in terms of Wyoming football players and weight from the end of last season and as spring drills began Tuesday in Laramie.

Weights are from UW’s depth chart prior to its 2015 season-finale against UNLV and its current depth chart before the start of spring football. In the case of running back Brian Hill, I went off the weights he told me personally. Players’ classes in terms of eligibility are listed next to each weight.

Player                                End of 2015                          Spring of 2016

OT Zach Wallace                    265 (Fr.)                                    297 (So.)

QB Josh Allen                       216  (So.)                                 230 (RSo.)

FS Andrew Wingard               194  (Fr.)                                   207 (So.)

LB Lucas Wacha                    214  (Jr.)                                    230 (Sr.)

LB Eric Nzeocha                    218  (Jr.)                                     231 (Sr.)

NT Dalton Fields                    274  (So.)                                   293 (Jr.)

Player                                End of 2015                          Spring of 2016

DT Conner Cain                     256  (RFr.)                                  284 (So.)

DE Carl Granderson             200  (Fr.)                                      227 (So.)

DE Kevin Prosser                 197  (Fr.)                                      215 (So.)

RB Brian Hill                        208  (So.)                                     220 (Jr.)

WR Jake Maulhardt             216  (Jr.)                                       230 (Sr.)

OT Brinkley Jolly                 282  (RFr.)                                     300 (So.)

OG Chase Roullier              293  (Jr.)                                        315 (Sr.)

OG Kaden Jackson            277  (Fr.)                                        294 (So.)

RB Nico Evans                   187  (RFr.)                                      206 (So.)

LB D.J. May                       198  (Jr.)                                         211 (Sr.)

DT Youhanna Ghaifan        255  (Fr.)                                          276 (RFr.)

WR Tanner Gentry             201 (Jr.)                                           215 (Sr.)

UW’s second spring practice is slated for Thursday afternoon. The third is Saturday, which will be the first in pads.

Here are some highlights from the first practice Tuesday and comments from coach Craig Bohl.

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    • Allen and Smith are taking a lot of reps this spring. We as media don’t get to see much of the QBs in action during practice but I think it is Allen’s to lose.


  1. RG, any chance you can post the spring depth chart or a link to it? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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