UW football players and coaches reveal their favorite Easter candy

Happy Easter weekend, everyone.

For any of you who read posts on this blog, I like to have a little fun on certain holidays. This week, I asked several Wyoming football players and coaches their favorite Easter candy. Here is what some of them said.

Cornerbacks coach John Richardson: Reese’s eggs.

Redshirt junior cornerback Antonio Hull: “I’d have to call my mom and ask her. I don’t eat candy now that I’m a college football player.”

Redshirt freshman cornerback Keyon Blankenbaker: Chocolate bunny.

Junior defensive tackle Youhanna Ghaifan: “I don’t know about Easter candy, but I love chocolate.

Redshirt freshman offensive tackle Rudy Stofer: Starburst jelly beans.

Senior tight end Tyree Mayfield: Reese’s eggs.

Senior tight end Austin Fort: Chocolate eggs.

Interior defensive line coach Pete Kaligis: Reese’s eggs.

Sophomore wide receiver Ayden Eberhardt: Twix.

Junior fullback Jaylon Watson: “Twizzlers, but I eat those all year long.”

Wide receivers coach Mike Grant: Reese’s eggs.

Fullbacks/tight ends coach Mike Bath: Starbust jelly beans.

Junior fullback Austin Lopez: Starbursts

Me: Reese’s eggs, or anything Reese’s. You can never go wrong with the combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

How about you all?

Thank you for your continued interest in this blog and UW sports. Hope you all have a great Easter weekend.