Thanksgiving thoughts and favorites from Wyoming football

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day and weekend with family and friends.

I’ve done this before on this holiday, and for others, but I asked some Wyoming football players and coaches what they were most thankful for and their favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal.

Would love to hear yours.

Senior free safety Marcus Epps

Thankful for: My family, to be a part of this team and the University of Wyoming.

Food: Yams

Senior wide receiver James Price

Thankful for: My family, friends and the support system I have.

Food: Mom’s sweet potato pie.

Senior defensive lineman Conner Cain

Thankful for: This team this year.

Food: Cranberry sauce.

Junior wide receiver/punt returner Austin Conway

Thankful for: My family, friends and football for all the opportunities it has given me.

Food: My mom’s dirty rice, which is wild rice and sausage. I told her that she better save me some when I come home from this last game.

Senior strong safety Andrew Wingard

Thankful for: My parents, who haven’t missed a game since I’ve been here.

Food: Stuffing.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Tyler Vander Waal

Thankful for: My family, this coaching staff and this university for giving me an opportunity to play here. The student section and fans, the brothers I’ve made on this team and I’m really thankful for my girlfriend.

Food: “My mom’s mashed potatoes and my grandma’s gravy. You put those two together and I could sit there all day and eat it.

Redshirt freshman running back Xazavian Valladay

Thankful for: My mom and dad, my sisters and this football team.

Food: Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes

Senior tight end Tyree Mayfield

Thankful for: The opportunity to wake up every day and do what I need to do.

Food: My mom’s mac and cheese.

Safeties coach Jake Dickert

Thankful for: My family and the people who surrounds us. Football-wise, I’m thankful for our guys and how much they work and pour their hearts into this.

Food: My wife makes fun of me but I’m the guy that puts the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans all together and then the gravy on top and get everything in one bite.


Thankful for: Family, friends and my Golden Retriever puppy, Fisher.

Food: Leftover turkey sandwiches. Turkey slathered with mayonnaise with some salt and pepper.

A couple of “programming” notes: There will be no Wyoming sports live chat on Thursday since it is Thanksgiving. There also won’t be a live game chat from Saturday’s regular-season finale at New Mexico since I won’t be covering the game on location.