NCAA releases latest graduation success rates for student-athletes

The NCAA released its latest round of Federal Graduation Rate and Graduation Success Rate measures Thursday.

The FGR is produced by the university and measures what percent of students graduates within a six-year span. This year’s FGR figures concern the 2005-06 freshman class.

The GSR factors in athletes who transfer from a program — and doesn’t penalize a school if it’s in good academic standing — as well as ones who transfer into the program. This year’s GSR rates measure freshmen who entered school from 2002-03 to 2005-06.

Overall, the student-athlete graduation success rate is 80 percent.

Wyoming football’s FGR increased for the second straight year and three of the last four. Its GSR was 63 — down from 64 the previous year but that percentage was in the 50s from 2001-03.

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